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NHV Signs H175 Engine Maintenance with PWC

NHV, the H175 launch customer, signed with Pratt & Whitney Canada a Fleet Management Program (FMP) for the PT6C-67E engines

NHV Signs H175 Engine Maintenance with PWC
NHV, February 27, 2018 - NHV NV, the launch customer and fleet leader of the Airbus H175 helicopter powered by PT6C-67E engines, has signed a Fleet Management™ Program (FMP®) for these and other P&WC engines in its fleet.

"Our relationship with P&WC started in the very early days of NHV and this relationship was an important support for us during the industry downturn," says Eric van Hal, Chief Executive Officer of NHV. "We also have always relied on innovation and safety to help us best serve our customers. This led us to be early adopters of recently launched and highly advanced helicopter programs such as the H175 and the Leonardo AW169, as well as to increase our AW139 fleet, all of which are powered by P&WC engines.

"NHV and P&WC have built a strong relationship over the years especially in introducing new helicopters/engines to our fleet," Mr. van Hal continues. "We believe that an FMP from the engine OEM that is designed to meet our specific needs is an excellent way of ensuring the optimal availability of our helicopters to our customers. It will also contribute to the safety of our operations overall which remains our number one priority."

Customized specifically to NHV, the engine maintenance agreement will support the company's technical and business needs. P&WC's Fleet Management Programs are flexible, high-value engine management solutions that help lock in lower operating costs and simplify fleet operations management. They also serve as a financial planning tool that supports efficient cash flow management while allowing airlines to focus on their core business of passenger and cargo transportation.

"The tailored solutions that we provide enable NHV to pursue a dynamic fleet expansion model and explore business opportunities around the globe all with the confidence of having optimized engine availability, maintenance costs, and aircraft asset value," says Tim Swail, Vice President, Customer Programs, P&WC.

NHV Signs H175 Engine Maintenance with PWC

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