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  • NEWS | AgustaWestland AW101 612 in Luftforsvaret

    GVH Sea Trays for Norwegian AW101

    Leonardo select GVH Aerospace to design the sea trays for the Norwegian rescue helicopters AW101. The devices can be installed and removed in flight and packed away for storage onboard during air ambulance missions


    GVH Sea Trays for Norwegian AW101

    GVH Aerospace, September 29, 2020 - GVH Aerospace’s sea tray product has been selected by Leonardo for the AW101 Norwegian All Weather Search and Rescue Helicopter (NAWSARH).

    The sea tray will be used by the Norwegian Air Force for the helicopter’s search and rescue and airborne ambulance role.

    The GVH Aerospace sea tray product will be customised to meet the operational requirements of the Norwegian Air Force.

    The Norwegian Air Force joins the Australian Defence Force, Korean Coast Guard, the French Navy and major global helicopter service providers as operators of the product. The Norwegian AW101 sea tray is designed to be installed and removed in flight and packed away for storage onboard.

    “We are pleased to partner with Leonardo’s team to supply our sea tray product as part of the NAWSARH programme,” said Gareth Dyer, CEO, GVH Aerospace. The sea tray will provide them with an advantage to respond to the challenges they face within the vital search and rescue role they play. We worked very closely with Leonardo and the end user to understand their concept of operations and cabin workflow to ensure that the product will achieve their operational requirements.”

    The fleet of 16 AW101 replaces the Sea King in the search and rescue role and commenced operations in September 2020.

    Helicopter wet decks and sea trays provide protective barrier to the cabin from corrosive salt water during search and rescue missions

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    AgustaWestland AW101 612 in Luftforsvaret
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