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    NEWS | Skeldar Sea Falcon in Marineflieger

    First Ship Automatic Landing for SKELDAR Drone

    UMS SKELDAR announced at IDEX 2021 that the V-200 UAV platform achieved automatic take-off and landing (ATOL) from a ship

    * The German navy tested the new Skeldar Sea Falcon drones from the deck of the “Braunschweig” K130 class corvette


    First Ship Automatic Landing for SKELDAR Drone

    UMS Skeldar, February 24, 2021 - Europe’s leading provider of Rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms, UMS SKELDAR, is using leading international defence exhibition IDEX 2021 to announce a unique achievement for its flagship SKELDAR V-200 UAV platform – the successful automatic take-off and landing (ATOL) of a tactical UAV from a ship.

    Previously, platforms have operated in assisted mode with a crew manually overseeing take-off and landing via a joystick or computer control.

    Now, full ATOL capability enables both take-off and landing to be performed through the simple press of a button. The platform uses a laser altimeter and GPS combination to track its location and calculate the required altitude reduction, culminating in a smooth and safe landing.

    David Willems, VP Business Development and Strategy for UMS SKELDAR, explains: “This latest milestone for UMS SKELDAR is a real first: it is unique to our company and it has never before been achieved in a military setting. The SKELDAR V-200 was conceived as a maritime platform and this exciting achievement secures its place as the first choice for Navy commanders.”

    In addition to this new capability, the SKELDAR V-200 continues to undergo both software and hardware developments to ensure continued improvement and maximum capability for customers.

    Willems adds: “We are focused on the continued improvement of both SKELDAR UAV platforms. Our ongoing modernisation programmes aim to not only review the platforms’ capabilities, but also analyse customer requirements with a view to increasing the service suite we provide alongside.”

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