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    NEWS | SCSO Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office State of California

    Sonoma County Sheriff’s Bell 407GXP

    Let’s meet the crew of Sonoma County Sheriff’s Bell 407GXP helicopter, called Henry One, used daily in parapublic and rescue missions


    Sonoma County Sheriff’s Bell 407GXP

    Bell, June 22, 2020 - With the mountainous terrain and West Coast waves, there is always a need for an eye in the sky. The Sonoma County Sherriff’s Office flies their Bell 407- known as “Henry One” - for parapublic and rescue missions.

    Tactical Flight Officer Chris Haas shares his most memorable rescue. “Hearing someone say ‘you saved my life’… I’ve never heard that before.” With the Bell 407, speed is their best asset during that golden hour.“It really takes us moments to get to the scene and down to the victim…that’s where we really shine”

    “We train like we rescue, and we rescue like we train.” The team prepares for a variety of tasks, from airlifting patients to law enforcement maneuvers.

    “Most people close their eyes when we lift off. To make them feel better, we like to joke that they are going to miss an incredible view," said Sergeant Henry Boustani, Tactical Flight Officer. "That’s where our personality comes into our missions.”

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    Aircraft mentioned in this article :
    Bell 407GXP N108SC     ( State of California )

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    SCSO Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office State of California
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