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New Tailboom for Pinal County UH-1H

Arizona Pinal County Sheriff’s Bell UH-1H Helicopter received from StandardAero the first tailboom modified to be the lightest with the most heavy-lift strength. Modification provides capabilities for flying in the hottest, highest altitudes of the world

New Tailboom for Pinal County UH-1H
StandardAero, July 27, 2021 - SCOTTSDALE, AZ – StandardAero has delivered the industry’s first UH-1H helicopter tailboom modified to be the lightest with the most heavy-lift strength to fly in the hottest and highest altitudes in the world.

The first modification was delivered to launch customer, Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff’s Department’s helicopter fleet, earlier this month.

To achieve this upgrade, the following major modifications were incorporated during tailboom refurbishment and paint, including the accompanying Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs):

- StandardAero 212 Vertical Fin, Tail Rotor and Push-Pull anti-torque control system incorporated onto a UH-1H Helicopter (FAA STC SR00267SE)

- StandardAero improved UH-1H tailboom longerons and tailboom skins for high torque and higher heat

- BLR Aerospace LLC Fast Fin and Dual Strake (FAA STC SR01470SE)

- Trinity Aviation Services Ltd. Carbon Fiber Driveshaft Cover (FAA STC SR04156NY)

Operational benefits

Upgrade modifications to the UH-1H tailboom and airframe provide a number of operational benefits including improved hover-hold tasks, yaw control, high density altitude capability, reduced torque, reduced tail rotor power requirements and reduced fuel consumption.

“As a public sector customer Pinal County Sheriff’s Office has been pleased with the professionalism, quality, and patience from StandardAero. They have been there every step of the way from listening to our needs to providing an exceptional product on time and within the budget constraints. I look forward to our continued partnership,” said Theresa Peoble, Director of Maintenance of Pinal County Sheriff Office.

The modifications are being provided in phases, from now through 2022. Additional airframe modifications are in works to provide increased cargo hook capacity to 5,000 lbs, external cargo load capacity and improved external gross weight limits.

The upgraded UH-1H Tailboom and new 212 Tail Rotor and Hub Assemblies with 212 drive train components were completed at StandardAero’s Helicopter Airframe MRO facility. Additional airframe upgrades will be completed this September at the customer’s facility in Arizona.

“At StandardAero we are constantly innovating to support new and legacy utility helicopters and to assist helicopter operators in accomplishing their critical and unique flying missions both efficiently and safely, even in the harshest conditions,” said Julien Roy, General Manager of StandardAero’s Langley Helicopter facility.

About StandardAero: StandardAero is one of the world's largest independent providers of services including engine and airframe maintenance, repair and overhaul, engine component repair, engineering services, interior completions and paint applications. StandardAero serves a diverse array of customers in business and general aviation, airline, military, helicopter, components and energy markets. StandardAero is owned by global investment firm Carlyle.

New Tailboom for Pinal County UH-1H
Fast Fin on Bell UH-1H helicopter

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