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  • NEWS | Bell CH-146 Griffon in Canadian Armed Forces

    Griffon Rescue at Thousand Islands

    Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) marine patrol Detachment at Thousand Islands near the Canadian-US border completed training exercise with a Bell CH-146 Griffon of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) 424 Transport and Rescue Squadron


    Griffon Rescue at Thousand Islands

    Royal Canadian Mounted Police, July 25, 2020 - ONTARIO - On July 7, nembers of Kingston Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Detachment on marine patrol in the Thousand Islands area of the St Lawrence River participated in a training exercise with 424 Transport and Rescue Squadron, a Canadian Air Force search and rescue unit based out of CFB Trenton, Ontario.

    Two search and rescue technicians (SAR Techs), with the support of their flight crew, practiced inserting onto and extracting from the rear deck of the RCMP's Titan vessel from their Griffon helicopter.

    The SAR techs were required to jump out of the helicopter to which they are tethered and land on the rear deck of the RCMP vessel. They are then hoisted from the rear deck back up to the helicopter. While this occurred, the RCMP vessel driver, had to maintain precise course direction and speed while keeping the vessel steady under the intense winds created by the helicopter.

    This is to ensure the SAR techs could make a safe and accurate landing on the RCMP vessel. During this exercise, the Kingston RCMP Detachment's second vessel, a Zodiac Hurricane RHIB, closely paced the Titan, a tactic used to safely board a vessel under way or to transfer equipment from boat to boat in poor conditions.

    All of this occurred while maintaining safe physical distancing measures.

    This was not a training exercise that is done on a regular basis so it provided both partners – the RCMP and the Royal Canadian Air Force, an opportunity to work together and practice some highly critical skills. As the Corporal from the Kingston RCMP Border Integrity unit states, "It is entirely possible that our detachment and the Canadian Air Force Search and Rescue unit would respond to a "mayday" radio call from a vessel in distress on the east end of Lake Ontario".

    The RCMP in Ontario are responsible for border security both on land and water. The Shiprider and Serious and Organized Crime Units out of the Kingston RCMP Detachment have been working closely together to strengthen the integrity of the border between ports of entry along the St. Lawrence since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    In order to enhance the security of the border, the RCMP has been making continual efforts to develop and maintain intelligence led, working partnerships with outside agencies who share a similar mandate.

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