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    NEWS | AMS Heli Design State of Texas

    EMS Interior for Trekker and AW109SP

    Texas-based AMS Heli Design received FAA STC for a lightweight, removable emergency medical services advanced life support system (ALSS) interior for the for Leonardo AW109 Trekker and AW109SP helicopters


    EMS Interior for Trekker and AW109SP

    AMS Heli Design, November 09, 2020 - TEXAS - AMS Heli Design LLC announced that it has been granted the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplementary Type Certificate (STC) for a new lightweight Advanced Life Support System (ALSS) interior for Leonardo AW109 Trekker and AW109SP helicopter.

    EASA and other relevant CAAs validations will be achieved in 2020.

    Andrea Girolin, Chief Executive Officer for AMS Heli Design, comments: “this interior has been designed by paying particular attention to the medical crew: a pivoting stretcher eases the medical crew in making the loading/unloading effortless and new ergonomics provide access to the latest technology features to enhance patient care. The ALSS provides an important weight saving compared to existing interiors solutions and therefore is improving the AW109 performances and mission capabilities for EMS operators”

    The advanced new design is based on a pivoting stretcher able to articulate in the cabin clearing the mid AFT FWD facing seat and allows the stretcher loading height being lower than any other solutions today available on the market for this helicopter model.

    The ALSS receiver allows to extend outside the fuselage and clears the helicopter skids. The trolley, as a consequence, can be positioned at the receiver top and the stretcher therefore can slide from the trolley to the receiver and swivel inside the helicopter. Loading/unloading as a result is more ergonomic, quick, effortless and, most of all, more comfortable for the patient.

    The interior configuration will typically be 2 AFT FWD facing seats and 1 FWD AFT facing rotating seat but various other configurations are possible through a new ultralight weight seat model with narrower pitch which allows up to 4 passengers seats and a single stretcher or 2 passenger seats and a dual stretcher.

    The interior has been fitted with state of the art technology and equipment; significant attention has been placed by AMS Heli Design in space management of equipment rails and which can be installed on the roof, back wall, side wall and also in the front just behind the copilot seat to accommodate a various number of medical devices.

    Storage space is available under the base, behind the FWD facing seats and, furthermore, two floor rails can be used to secure doctor’s bags.

    Another important aspect is the availability of an electrical system which includes new generation lightweight and powerful inverter and converters able to supply up to 5 AC, 6 DC and 4 USB outlets. Shoreline power is available and is designed to power both AC and DC lines.

    Various oxygen and medical air options are available to complete an outstanding fully equipped interior which is also NVG operation-compliant and compatible.

    “I’m proud of AMS Team and the product they have created and certified,” said Girolin in a statement opening 2020 virtual AMTC, where his company launched the new interior. “Finally, we can offer the market a NEW GENERATION and ADVANCED interior for a better care of patients and at the same time providing EMS operators for more mission capability.”

    Aircraft mentioned in this article :
    AgustaWestland AW109 Trekker N117DV     ( State of Texas )

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    AMS Heli Design State of Texas
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