Helicopter News December 06, 2015 by Helis.com
Helicopter News December 06, 2015 by Helis.com

Newsletter #258

H225 Receives Russian Certification The Airbus Helicopters H225 received certification by Russian Authorities as it is the first time in history that a foreign heavy class helicopter has been certified in Russia.

Bristow Retires Last AS332 Super Puma Helicopters Bristow Australia retiring last 2 AS332 Super Puma in service this month. Bristow UK examples were retired during 2014

Robinson R66 Passes Long-awaited Snow Test In Spray Lakes, Canada, the Robinson’s R66 Turbine passed the FAA s and Transport Canada s test to allow flight in snow conditions.

Final UK Lynx Helicopter Depth Overhaul After 37-year support, Vector Aerospace held a ceremony to commemorate the last Depth maintenance event to be completed on a UK Armed Forces Lynx helicopter. Lynx being replaced by Wildcat

South Australia Rescue Service Contract Extended Australian Helicopters has been awarded an extension to continue its partnership with the Government of South Australia in operating the State Rescue Helicopter Service.

Starspeed Course on Automation New helicopters are exciting state-of-the-art aircraft, increasingly sophisticated, having a high level of automation. UK based Starspeed Ltd developed a new course, training pilots in this new technology.

Air Methods Upgrades Its Ramco Software Ramco new software system version to streamline maintenance operations for largest air medical provider Air Methods

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