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    List of offshore platform rigs in United Kingdom

    List of oil tanker ships

    Helicopter Operators in United Kingdom

    More at UK United Kingdom

    Helicopters recently seen nearby offshore rigs in United Kingdom

    UK BristowAW139BHL538 / G-CKYP
    UK BristowAW139BHL532 / G-CIPX
    UK BristowAW139 / G-CIKO
    UK Babcock InternationalAW139BND1 / G-MCSC
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdAW139 / G-NHVC
    UK BristowAW139 / G-CJNI
    UK BristowAW139BHL540 / G-CHNS
    UK CHC ScotiaAW139GSNSI / G-SNSI
    UK BristowAW139BHL539 / G-CIPW
    UK CHC ScotiaAW139GSNSE / G-SNSE
    UK CHC ScotiaAW139NHZ23 / G-SNSK
    UK Babcock InternationalS-92BND82F / G-VIND
    UK BristowS-92ABHL43X / G-MRLI
    UK BristowS-92ABHL56G / G-CKXL
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS19B / G-WNSE
    UK BristowS-92ABHL72X / G-CLHW
    UK BristowS-92A / G-IACA
    UK Babcock InternationalS-92ABND81C / G-MCSI
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS38A / G-WNSG
    -S-92AHKS32J / G-CHHF
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS04G / G-WNST
    UK BristowS-92ABHL62F / G-IACD
    UK BristowS-92ABHL62G / G-IACE
    UK BristowS-92A / G-CLGF
    UK HM CoastguardS-92ACG936 / G-MCGJ
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92A / G-WNSU
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS37A / G-WNSL
    UK Babcock InternationalS-92A / G-MCSK
    UK Babcock InternationalS-92A / G-VINF
    UK BristowS-92ABHL56K / G-IACC
    UK Babcock InternationalS-92ABND84C / G-MCSB
    UK Babcock InternationalH175 / EC175BND87Z / G-MCSH
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175 / EC175 / G-NHVF
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175 / EC175NHZ651 / G-NHVI
    UK CHC ScotiaH175 / EC175HKS36D / G-EMED
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175 / EC175NHZ735 / G-NHVV
    UK CHC ScotiaH175 / EC175HKS36D / G-EMEC
    UK Babcock InternationalH175 / EC175 / G-MCSO
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175 / EC175NHZ726 / G-NHVJ
    UK Babcock InternationalH175 / EC175BND97N / G-MCSG
    DK Uni-Fly A/SAW169 / OY-HOW
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdAW169GOLD34 / G-NHVT
    UK BristowAW189BHL72V / G-OENC
    DE Wiking Helikopter Service GmbHH145 / EC145T2WHS2AF / D-HOAF

    Oil and gas news from United Kingdom

    PHI Offers Internships at New Zealand School, 19-Jul-21 : #oilandgas PHI International in new parternship with New Zealand Massey University School of Aviation for new professionals for offshore jobs in Australia, Ghana, Cyprus, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia

    Milestone Purchase Leaseback NHV AW169, 14-Jul-21 : #leaseback Milestone announces purchase leaseback with NHV for a AW169 helicopter to be use to support offshore oil and gas operation from Blackpool, United Kingdom

    ITP Aero to Support Gulf Helicopters Engines, 10-Jul-21 : #engine Spanish ITP Aero signed contract with Gulf Helicopters Company (GHC) one of the leading commercial aviation services provider, to provide engine MRO (maintenance,repair and overhaul) for their Leonardo AW189 and Sikorsky S-92 helicopters fleets

    Bristow Sponsors Flight Training, 07-Jun-21 : #pilots Bristow invests in next generation of pilots with latest sponsored UK Cadet Programme in partnership with Helicentre Aviation academy at Leicester airport

    Bristow Selects Ramco Software, 03-Jun-21 : #software Global helicopter operator Bristow selects Aviation Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) V5.8 software from Ramco to optimize operational efficiency and achieve paperless operations

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