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    List of offshore platform rigs in United Kingdom

    List of oil tanker ships

    Helicopter Operators in United Kingdom

    More at UK United Kingdom

    Helicopters recently seen nearby offshore rigs in United Kingdom

    -BCS326 /
    UK BristowAW139BHL531 / G-CIKO
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdAW139NHZ22 / G-NHVP
    UK BristowAW139BHL532 / G-CIPX
    UK BristowAW139BHL530 / G-CHBY
    UK CHC ScotiaAW139GSNSE / G-SNSE
    UK BristowAW139BHL538 / G-CKYP
    UK BristowAW139BHL540 / G-CHNS
    UK BristowAW139BHL537 / G-CIMU
    UK CHC ScotiaAW139GSNSL / G-SNSL
    UK BristowAW139BHL539 / G-CIPW
    UK Babcock InternationalAW139BND1 / G-MCSC
    UK BristowS-92ABHL62K / G-CLGF
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS04J / G-WNST
    UK Babcock InternationalS-92ABND92T / G-MCSB
    UK HM CoastguardS-92ACG912 / G-MCGH
    UK BristowS-92ABHL78K / G-IACA
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS09D / G-WNSG
    UK BristowS-92ABHL60A / G-MRLI
    UK BristowS-92ABHL78R / G-CGCI
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS35A / G-WNSL
    UK BristowS-92ABHL54E / G-CIJC
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS37C / G-WNSF
    UK HM CoastguardS-92ACG936 / G-MCGK
    UK BristowS-92ABHL54F / G-IACD
    UK Babcock InternationalS-92ABND91R / G-VINP
    UK HM CoastguardS-92ACG936 / G-MCGJ
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS09D / G-WNSR
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS07P / G-WNSE
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS04G / G-WNSV
    UK BristowS-92ABHL43C / G-CICH
    UK Babcock InternationalH175 / EC175BND94Y / G-MCSF
    UK Babcock InternationalH175 / EC175BND88F / G-MCSH
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175 / EC175NHZ651 / G-NHVA
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175 / EC175NHZ654 / G-NHVU
    UK CHC ScotiaH175 / EC175HKS36A / G-EMED
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175 / EC175NHZ730 / G-NHVJ
    UK CHC ScotiaH175 / EC175HKS36A / G-EMEC
    UK CHC ScotiaH175 / EC175GEMEB / G-EMEB
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175 / EC175NHZ685 / G-NHVG
    NL Heli HollandH175 / EC175HHE65A / PH-OSF
    UK CHC ScotiaH175 / EC175BND97E / G-EMEA
    UK Babcock InternationalH175 / EC175BND91N / G-MCSP
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdAW169 / G-NHVT
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdAW169NHZ31 / G-NHVD
    UK Specialist Aviation ServicesAW169NHZ33 / G-SASX
    DK Uni-Fly A/SAW169UNC62 / G-UNIB
    UK HM CoastguardAW189 / G-MCGM

    Oil and gas news from United Kingdom

    Unexpected Events Pilot Monitoring Research Report, 15-Sep-22 : #pilots HeliOffshore, the global, safety-focused association for the offshore helicopter industry, releases unexpected events pilot monitoring research report

    CHC Completes $500M Recapitalization, 19-Aug-22 : #finance Global helicopter operator CHC completed recapitalization transaction to reduce its funded debt obligations by up to $500 million

    NHV Family Day at Aberdeen, 15-Aug-22 : #FamilyDay The NHV Group hosted the “NHV Family Day” in n Aberdeen, Scotland

    Two AW139 for Angola Oil and Gas Industry, 01-Aug-22 : #oilandgas SonAir in Angola orders two Leonardo AW139 helicopters to support the offshore oil and gas industry. The new aircraft will be delivered in Q1 2023

    CHC Celebrates 75th Anniversary, 29-Jul-22 : #CHC Global helicopter operator CHC launch 75th anniversary celebrations with a new website https://75.chcheli.com/

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