26-jul-69    to    29-jul-69

Fleet Review: Ships of the Western Fleet

26-jul-69    to    29-jul-69

united kingdom Torbay

Ships assembled off Torquay on 26 Jul 1969. HM Queen Elizabeth II, aboard HMY Britannia, reviewed the Fleet on 28 Jul and presented a new Colour aboard HMS Eagle. Ships dispersed on 29 Jul.


Dates UnitModels
    28jul69 UK 814 NAS Fleet Air Arm Wessex
    28jul69 UK 820 NAS Fleet Air Arm Wessex
    28jul69 UK 826 NAS Fleet Air Arm Wessex
    28jul69 UK 829 NAS Fleet Air Arm Wasp
    28jul69 UK 846 NAS Fleet Air Arm Wessex
Not all models shown may have taken part in the Operation


Aircraft Carrier   Audacious class Royal Navy R05 HMS Eagle,
Helicopter Carrier   Tiger conversion class Royal Navy C99 HMS Blake,
Helicopter Carrier   Engadine class Royal Fleet Auxiliary K08 RFA Engadine,
Guided-Missile Destroyer   County class Royal Navy D06 HMS Hampshire, Royal Navy D19 HMS Glamorgan,
Frigate   Type 12 Rothesay class Royal Navy F126 HMS Plymouth,
Frigate   Seawolf Leander class Royal Navy F75 HMS Charybdis,
Frigate   Towed Array Exocet Leander class Royal Navy F40 HMS Sirius, Royal Navy F42 HMS Phoebe,
Support Ship   Ness class Royal Fleet Auxiliary A339 RFA Lyness,
Support Ship   Abdiel class Royal Navy N21 HMS Abdiel,
Support Ship   OL class Royal Fleet Auxiliary A124 RFA Olmeda,
Support Ship   Hecla class Royal Navy A137 HMS Hecate,
Support Ship   Regent class Royal Fleet Auxiliary A480 RFA Resource,

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