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    04-jun-94    to    05-jun-94


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    DatesRotary Wing Aircraft UnitModels
        04jun94 to 05jun94 US Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron FIVE US Navy S-61 H-3
        05jun94 UK 706 Squadron Fleet Air Arm Sea King
    Sea King
        05jun94 UK 815 Squadron Fleet Air Arm Lynx
        05jun94 UK 3 Commando Brigade Air Squadron Royal Marines SA341B Gazelle AH.1
        05jun94 US Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 365 US Marine Corps 107M H-46 Sea Knight
        05jun94 US Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 44 US Navy S-70 H-60
        05jun94 US Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron Light 48 US Navy S-70 H-60
        05jun95 UK 846 Squadron Fleet Air Arm Sea King HC.4
    Not all models shown may have taken part in the Operation

    Individual helicopters

    Model IDs
    Bell UH-1N 160444    
    Bell AH-1J Sea Cobra 160107    
    Bell AH-1T Super Cobra 160747     160810    
    Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk 162342     163595    
    Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion 161538     161542     162524     163059     163060    
    Sikorsky SH-3D Sea King 156506    
    Sikorsky HSS-2 Sea King 148043     149687     149711     149738     149904    
    Boeing-Vertol CH-46F 154856    
    Westland Sea King HC.4 ZA296     ZG822    
    Westland Lynx HAS2 XZ228     XZ231     XZ239     XZ698    
    Westland Sea King HAS.2 XZ918    
    Westland Sea King HAS.5 ZA127     ZA130    
    Westland Lynx HAS3S ZF563    
    Aerospatiale SA341B Gazelle AH.1 XW849     ZA728    
    Aerospatiale SA341C Gazelle HT.2 XX431    


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    Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear Powered)  Improved Nimitz class   US Navy CVN-73 USS George Washington,

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