greece Great Kefalonia Earthquake relief

Ionian Islands


Between 9 and 12 Aug 1953, a series of shallow earthquakes (< 20 km depth) shook the Ionian Islands, to the west of the Greek mainland. The 3rd of these (on 12 Aug) caused most damage to Kefalonia and nearby Zakynthos.

The Royal Navy ordered HMS Bermuda from Malta with 2 Dragonfly from Hal Far SAR Flt on board to join HMS Gambia, steaming for Zakynthos. The Israeli Navy picked up distress calls from Kefalonia and sent 4 warships to assist in the aftermath.

This was the event described towards the end of the Louis de Bernières novel Captain Corellis Mandolin and portrayed in the John Madden (2001) film of the same name.


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DatesRotary Wing Aircraft UnitModels
    13aug53 to 07sep53 UK 728 Squadron Fleet Air Arm dragonfly

Not all models shown may have taken part in the Operation

Individual helicopters

Model IDs
Westland Dragonfly HR.3 WG719     WG722    


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Cruiser  Fiji class   Royal Navy C52 HMS Bermuda,

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