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    20-jul-74    to    30-sep-74

    Following the EOKA overthrow of the Cypriot government of Archbishop Makarios on 15 Jul 1974, Turkey launched an invasion from the north coast and pushed southwards, effectively partitioning the island; this was known as Operation Attila by the Turks.

    While the British government sent a Task Force to the area to protect the Sovereign Bases, evacuate British nationals if necessary and aid in security stabilisation, the US detached USS Forrestal and USS Inchon from the 6th Fleet for support of its nationals.

    Even though British sponsored talks between the two communities in Geneva had broken down, the situation had stabilised enough to allow the Task Force to be withdrawn at the end of September.


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    DatesRotary Wing Aircraft UnitModels
        jul74 to sep74 US Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Three US Navy S-61 H-3
        jul74 to sep74 US Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 162 US Marine Corps 107M H-46 Sea Knight
        jul74 to sep74 US Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 362 US Marine Corps S-65 H-53
        20jul74 to 30sep74 UK 84 Squadron Royal Air Force Whirlwind
        20jul74 to 30sep74 UK 737 Squadron Fleet Air Arm Sea King
        20jul74 to 30sep74 UK 814 Squadron Fleet Air Arm Sea King
        20jul74 to 30sep74 UK 845 Squadron Fleet Air Arm Wessex
        20jul74 to 30sep74 UK 16 Flight Army Air Corps Sioux
        20jul74 to 30sep74 UK UNFICYP Flight Army Air Corps SE3130 Alouette II
        23jul74 to sep74 UK 33 Squadron Royal Air Force SA330 Puma
    Not all models shown may have taken part in the Operation

    Individual helicopters

    Model IDs
    Westland Wessex HAS.1 XP105    


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    Aircraft Carrier  Forrestal class   US Navy CV-59 USS Forrestal,
    Aircraft Carrier  Improved Centaur class   Royal Navy R12 HMS Hermes,
    Guided-Missile Destroyer  County class   Royal Navy D02 HMS Devonshire, Royal Navy D06 HMS Hampshire,
    Frigate  Ikara Leander class   Royal Navy F114 HMS Ajax,
    Frigate  Type 12 Rothesay class   Royal Navy F106 HMS Brighton, Royal Navy F129 HMS Rhyl,
    Frigate  Seawolf Leander class   Royal Navy F57 HMS Andromeda,
    Assault Carrier  Iwo Jima class   US Navy LPH-12 USS Inchon,
    Support Ship  OL class   Royal Fleet Auxiliary A122 RFA Olwen, Royal Fleet Auxiliary A123 RFA Olna,
    Support Ship  Rover class   Royal Fleet Auxiliary A271 RFA Gold Rover, Royal Fleet Auxiliary A273 RFA Black Rover,
    Support Ship  Regent class   Royal Fleet Auxiliary A486 RFA Regent,

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