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  • united kingdom Exercise Joint Warrior 15-2

    Scotland and Western Isles

    03-oct-15    to    16-oct-15

    On 17oct15 in Port of Belfast, Northern Ireland :
  • Canada HCMS Winnipeg (FFH 338). Identified aboard was CH-124A Sea King 12440.
  • Portugal NRP Don Francisco de Almeida (F334). The helicopter deck was empty and the hangar firmly shut therefore unable to identify the helicopter. Believed to be a Lynx but obviously not visually confirmed.
  • Spain SPS Blas de Lezo (F103). Identified aboard ship was SH-60B HS.23-03 (code 01-0003) of 10 Eslla.

  • Units

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    DatesRotary Wing Aircraft UnitModels

    Not all models shown may have taken part in the Operation


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    Guided-Missile Destroyer  Arleigh Burke Flight I class   US Navy DDG-68 USS The Sullivans, US Navy DDG-71 USS Ross,
    Guided-Missile Destroyer  F100 Alvaro de Bazan   Spanish Navy F-102 Almirante Juan de Borbon,
    Guided-Missile Destroyer  Fridtjof Nansen class   Royal Norwegian Navy F310 KNM Fridtjof Nansen,
    Guided-Missile Destroyer  Orizzonte class   Italian Navy D 553 Andrea Doria,
    Destroyer  F70 ASW class   French Navy D645 Lamotte-Picquet,
    Frigate  City class   Canadian Armed Forces FFH 330 HMCS Halifax, Canadian Armed Forces FFH 336 HMCS Montreal, Canadian Armed Forces FFH 338 HMCS Winnipeg,
    Frigate  Aquitaine class   French Navy D650 Aquitaine,
    Frigate  Type 23 Duke class   Royal Navy F79 HMS Portland,
    Frigate  Iver Huitfeldt class   Royal Danish Navy F363 KDM Niels Juel,
    Corvette  K 130 Braunschweig class   German Navy F264 Ludwigshafen am Rhein,
    Support Ship  Lewis and Clark class   US Navy T-AKE-12 USNS William McLean,

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