nepal AW119Kx High Altitude Nepal Trials


24-mar-17    to    17-apr-17

  • AW119Kx High Altitude Nepal Trials

Leonardo Philadelphia's AW119Kx Koala N499SM performed a demo tour to Nepal in partnership with Altitude Air during March/April 2017 to validate the extension of the certification to 24,000 feet / 7,315 meters.


High Altitude Engine Switch Off for the AW119Kx, 06-Apr-17 : The AW119Kx undertake experimental flights in the tough conditions of Mt Kanchenjunga and touched a maximum altitude of 20,500 ft / 6,248 m. Engine switch off completed at the Everest Base Camp

AW119Kx at the Everest Base Camp, 31-Mar-17 : The AW119Kx landed at the highest scientific laboratory in the world, the Italian Reasearch Pyramid CNR located at 16570ft / 5050m

Two Passengers Rescued by AW119Kx at Gora Shep, 28-Mar-17 : Defying bad weather, the AW119Kx Koala in a demo tour in Nepal rescued two people stranded in Gora Shep (16150 ft / 4922 m)

AW119Kx in High Altitude Demo Tour, 24-Mar-17 : The AW119Kx in demo tour to Kathmandu in Nepal with alpinist Simone Moro to validate the extension of the certification to 24,000 feet / 7,315 meters

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AgustaWestland AW119Kx Koala N499SM    

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