portugal Portugal Wildfires 2017


17-jun-17    to    30-aug-17

Portugal Wildfires 2017

Deadly wildfires erupted across central Portugal on June 17 with the vast majority in Pedrógão Grande, Leiria district. By June 20, 44969 hectares (450 km2) were burned by the fires. 1700 firefighters came nationwide to combat the blazes and many other countries including France, Italy, Morocco and Spain deployed resources as well.

Air support response was provided by companies Everjets and Heliportugal which were under contract by the Portuguese Government for the summer firefighting season (DECIF2017). HeliBravo was contracted by the Portuguese paper industry association (AFOCELCA, callsign CELCA) to protect their forests. Numerous aircraft were leased to face the catastrophic disaster from several European companies including Agrarflug Helilift, Babcock (ex INAER), Meravo and Mont Blanc Helicopteres.

In all, 64 people died and 204 were injured. At least two helicopters crashed during these events.

Individual helicopters

Model IDs
Bell 212 CS-HEZ     D-HARZ     D-HBWP     D-HGPP     EC-MDU     EC-MDV    
Bell 205A-1 D-HAFR     D-HOOK    
Eurocopter AS350B2 Ecureuil CS-HED     D-HCOL     D-HERI     D-HMMW    
Eurocopter AS350B3 Ecureuil CS-HHO     CS-HIB     CS-HIC     CS-HID     CS-HIG     CS-HMI     CS-HMJ     D-HAUO     D-HAUW     D-HCLA     D-HDAN     F-HADE     HB-ZSE     OE-XHE     OE-XHG     OE-XHP     OE-XPP     OE-XTM     OM-XBC    
Aerospatiale AS350B1 Ecureuil CS-HFT     D-HAUU    
Aerospatiale AS350B2 Ecureuil CS-HFN     D-HAUR     F-GJJH    
Aerospatiale AS350B Ecureuil D-HAUA     D-HELI     F-GKMB    
Russian Helicopters Ka-32A11BC CS-HMK     CS-HMM     CS-HMP    

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