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    English Channel


    The 5000 ton mv Melpol had caught fire in mid-Channel at night, early on 8 Dec 1981 and after overwhelming her own attempts to put it out, sent a MAYDAY signal. This was received by RFA Engadine which had been at sea, conducting Flight Deck training. She launched two Sea Kings which flew off to the scene and then prepared her fire-crews as she made towards the fire. After nearly an hours flight, the 2 Sea Kings (on loan to 737 NAS ?) rescued 28 crewmen by successively flying them off to the nearby mv Europic. When Engadine arrived on scene later that morning, she transferred her fire-fighters aboard and after a long struggle, extinguished the blaze.


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    DatesRotary Wing Aircraft UnitModels

    Not all models shown may have taken part in the Operation

    Individual helicopters

    Model IDs
    Westland Sea King HAS.2 XZ579    


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    Helicopter Carrier  Engadine class   Royal Fleet Auxiliary K08 RFA Engadine,

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