jordan Operation Fortitude


17-jul-58    to    02-nov-58

From c 1955, tension had been rising in the eastern Mediterranean, with the formation of opposing Arab blocs (UAR, with Egypt/Syria and the Arab Union with Jordan/Iraq). After the King of Iraq was assasinated and rioting broke out in nearby Lebanon, Syrian forces intervened in support of the Lebanese unrest and the King of Jordan appealed to the UK for assistance on 16 Jul 1958.
Reaction was very quick, with 2 PARA of 16 Parachute Brigade being airlifted into the airport at Amman by the RAF early on 17 Jul, leaving 1 PARA in Cyprus to deal with EOKA activities. As there were no RN carrier available, UK helicopter activity was lacking, however the US provided significant assistance lifting fuel and fuel distribution equipment and the US 6th Fleet was standing off Beirut, if any were required.
Coming so soon after the late 1956 Suez Canal debacle, the British breathed a sigh of relief that cooperation with the US over Fortitude had been so forthcoming and gone so well, given the US also had to focus on its commitments in nearby Lebanon.


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