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    Following a magnitude 7 earthquake during the evening of 12 Jan 2010, which caused serious loss of life and damage throughout Haiti, a number of nations mobilised relief operations with the USA taking the lead, under its title Operation Unified Response.

    The initial UK response (under Operation Panlake) was from the RN Hydrographic Office, delivering updated maritime charts of the area, followed by an assessment team by C-130 on 20 Jan, while RFA Largs Bay was loading up disaster relief supplies at SMC Marchwood.

    Haitian hospitals were either destroyed or damaged, with the MINUSTAH UN Mission hospital run by Argentina being almost the only one left operational. The Israelis set up a specialist hospital treating the very young and elderly, while the US Navy despatched USNS Comfort as an offshore hospital. In total, some 60 nations provided assistance to a greater or lesser extent. The Dutch and Colombian navies were also prominent in the relief operation.

    The Haitian Government turned over control of the International Airport to the USAF until mid Feb to supercharge movement rates and the Canadians similarly provided control services (under Operation Hestia) for Jacmel until mid Mar. Meanwhile the US Navy and USMC concentrated on getting sea ports re-opened.


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    DatesRotary Wing Aircraft UnitModels

    Not all models shown may have taken part in the Operation

    Individual helicopters

    Model IDs
    Aerospatiale HH-65 Dolphin 6522    


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    Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear Powered)  Nimitz class   US Navy CVN-70 USS Carl Vinson,
    Aircraft Carrier V STOL  Cavour class   Italian Navy 550 Conte di Cavour,
    Guided-Missile Cruiser  Ticonderoga VLS class   US Navy CG-52 USS Bunker Hill,
    Guided-Missile Destroyer  Iroquois TRUMP class   Canadian Armed Forces DDG 282 HMCS Athabaskan,
    Frigate  City class   Canadian Armed Forces FFH 330 HMCS Halifax,
    Coast Guards  Famous MEC class   US Coast Guard WMEC-908 USCGC Tahoma, US Coast Guard WMEC-911 USCGC Forward,
    Assault Carrier  Tarawa class   US Navy LHA-4 USS Nassau,
    Assault Carrier  Wasp class   US Navy LHD-5 USS Bataan,
    Landing Ship/Platform Dock  Bay class   Royal Fleet Auxiliary L3006 RFA Largs Bay,
    Landing Ship/Platform Dock  Galicia Class   Spanish Navy L-52 Castilla,
    Landing Ship/Platform Dock  Foudre class   French Navy L9012 Siroco,
    Support Ship  701 Lüneburg class   Colombian Navy 161 ARC Cartagena de Indias,
    Support Ship  Mercy class   US Navy T-AH-20 USNS Comfort,

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