26-sep-88    to    04-oct-88

Fleet Review: Australia Bi-centennial Naval Salute

26-sep-88    to    04-oct-88

australia Sydney


Dates UnitModels
    27sep88 to 04oct88 UK 820 NAS Fleet Air Arm Sea King
    27sep88 to 04oct88 UK 849 NAS Fleet Air Arm Sea King

Not all models shown may have taken part in the Operation


Aircraft Carrier V STOL   Invincible class Royal Navy R07 HMS Ark Royal,
Guided-Missile Cruiser   Andrea Doria class Italian Navy C 554 Caio Duilio,
Guided-Missile Cruiser   Colbert mod class French Navy C611 Colbert,
Guided-Missile Destroyer   Charles F. Adams class US Navy DDG-15 USS Berkeley,
Guided-Missile Destroyer   Type 42 (Batch 3) Royal Navy D97 HMS Edinburgh,
Destroyer   Spruance class US Navy DD-990 USS Ingersoll,
Destroyer   Hatsuyuki class Japanese Navy DD 131 JDS Setoyuki, Japanese Navy DD 133 JDS Shimayuki,
Guided-Missile Frigate   Jacob van Heemskerck class Royal Netherlands Navy F813 Hr.Ms. Witte de With,
Frigate   Knox class US Navy FF-1086 USS Brewton,
Frigate   Kortenaer class Royal Netherlands Navy F807 Hr.Ms. Kortenaer, Royal Netherlands Navy F825 Hr.Ms. Jan van Brakel,
Frigate   Leander class Royal New Zealand Navy F55 HMNZS Waikato, Royal New Zealand Navy F69 HMNZS Wellington,
Frigate   Commandant Riviere class French Navy F726 Commandant Bory, French Navy F727 Admiral Charner,
Frigate   Godavari class Indian Navy F20 INS Godavari,
Frigate   Towed Array Exocet Leander class Royal Navy F40 HMS Sirius,
Corvette   Kasturi class Royal Malaysian Navy F26 KD Lekir,
Support Ship   Improved Poolster class Royal Netherlands Navy A832 Hr. Ms. Zuiderkruis,
Support Ship   Nasr class Pakistan Navy A47 PNS Nasr,
Support Ship   Aris class Hellenic Navy A74 HS Aris,
Support Ship   OL class Royal Fleet Auxiliary A122 RFA Olwen,
Support Ship   Fort I class (1978) Royal Fleet Auxiliary A385 RFA Fort Grange,

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