28-aug-98    to    31-aug-98

International Festival of Sea

28-aug-98    to    31-aug-98

united kingdom Portsmouth


Dates UnitModels
    28aug98 to 31aug98 UK 706 NAS Fleet Air Arm Sea King
Sea King
    28aug98 to 31aug98 UK 849 NAS Fleet Air Arm Sea King

Not all models shown may have taken part in the Operation

helicopter   Individual helicopters

Model IDs
Westland Sea King HAS.1 XV664    
Westland Sea King HAS.5 ZE422    


Aircraft Carrier V STOL   Invincible class Royal Navy R05 HMS Invincible,
Guided-Missile Destroyer   Type 42 (Batch 1 and 2) class Royal Navy D86 HMS Birmingham, Royal Navy D91 HMS Nottingham, Royal Navy D92 HMS Liverpool,
Guided-Missile Destroyer   Type 42 (Batch 3) Royal Navy D95 HMS Manchester,
Guided-Missile Frigate   G class Turkish Navy F490 TCG Gaziantep,
Frigate   Type 23 Duke class Royal Navy F233 HMS Marlborough, Royal Navy F234 HMS Iron Duke,
Landing Ship/Platform Dock   Fearless class Royal Navy L10 HMS Fearless,
Landing Ship/Platform Dock   Round Table class Royal Fleet Auxiliary L3004 RFA Sir Bedivere,
Icebreakers   Polar Circle class Royal Navy A171 HMS Endurance (1992),

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