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The Royal Dutch Touring Club ( Nederlandse Wielrijdersbond or ANWB) travelers association operates Mobile Medical Team ( Mobiel Medisch Team, MMT) air ambulances named Life Liner from 4 locations and since 2011 deployed 24/7

  News about ANWB Medical Air Assistance

Safran Support for ADAC and ANWB H145 Engines

Safran Support for ADAC and ANWB H145 Engines

28-Feb-24 - Safran signed support-by-the-hour (SBH) contract for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) for around 50 Arriel 2E engines powering German ADAC Luftrettung and Dutch ANWB Medical Air Assistance Airbus H145 helicopter fleets #Arriel2E
Dutch Rescue ANWB Signs for Six H135

Dutch Rescue ANWB Signs for Six H135

16-Oct-18 - Air rescue operator Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB signed framework contract for up to six H135 with Helionix. First three to be delivered in 2019/2020 #ANWB

  Units within this Organisation

lifeliner 11995
lifeliner 21997
lifeliner 32001
lifeliner 42001
lifeliner 52020

  Bases and Locations

Base Unit
Rotterdamlifeliner 2
UMC Groningenlifeliner 4
Volkel ABlifeliner 3 , lifeliner 5
VU Amsterdamlifeliner 1

helicopter   Model Types

AH H135 / EC135P3H2019
AH H145D2 / EC145T22016
EC EC13562004
MBB Bo105419952006

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