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EC225LP 2734 2009 : Airbus Helicopters France from 2015; fate unk
AS350B3 Ecureuil 3186 : Apr17 still in Marignane, near Marseille; It is used by AHTS (Air ...
Racer mockup : Racer Display Model first unveiled June 2016
H175 / EC175 5003 F-HCEI : 03mar15 pictured at HeliExpo 2015, Orlando, FL in offshore NHV co ...
: 16mar15 at Mexico City in Demo Flights Tour
: May/Jun15 Brazil demo tour oil industry
AS350B3e Ecureuil 7126 2010F-HYDE : Airbus 14-22/Jun17
VSR700 2001 F-WBGD : Airbus
H175 / EC175 5002 F-WJXA : Airbus Helicopters, to NHV
H175 / EC175 5003 F-WMXC : Airbus Helicopters France; Nov14 yellow/black/red livery
H120 F-WMXC : Airbus France; Nov15 prototype for flight tests with high-compre ...
EC155B 6542 F-WMXD : Airbus Helicopters; Dec14 used in tests by OADS
VSR700 2002 2017F-WVSR : Airbus VSR700 demonstrator f/f May17 pictured (pic1); Jun17 OPV f ...
H225 / EC225LP 2958 2015F-WWOF : Airbus Helicopters France, PNA PA-14 Jun15 at Marignane
H160 PT1 2015F-WWOG : H160 prototype, P&WC engines; 28may15 first ground tests; 29may15 ...
: 13jun15 first flight at Marignane
LCH / LAH F-WWOH : Airbus France f/f 24jul18 at Marignane; pictured
H175 / EC175 5013 F-WWOJ : Airbus Helicopter France; Oct16 at Marignane; pictured (pic1)
AS365N3+ Dauphin 2 7013 F-WWOL : Airbus Helicopters jun15
H160 2018F-WWOR : First serial H160 f/f 14dec18 at Marignane; 17dec18 demo flight ...
H225 / EC225LP F-WWOT : Airbus 2018; 07sep18 ferry stop at Porto Santo, Portugal in route ...
H215 / AS332C1e / AS332L1e 3026 2017F-WWOY : Airbus France; 21nov17 pictured at Airbus Albacete, Spain
H225 / EC225LP 2959 2015F-WWOZ : Airbus Helicopters for Sonair, probably c/n 2959?; 07jan15 pictur ...
H160 PT3 2017F-WWPA : Airbus Helicopters France #03 f/f 13oct17 Marignane First H160 eq ...
: Dec17 painted in carbon design livery
H160 PT2 2016F-WWPL : Airbus Helicopters France #02; 27jan16 pictured (pic1) f/f at Ma ...
: Jan17 winter campaign at Yellowknife, Canada
: 04sep17 pictured (pic2) aboard Mistral in Toulon during 15e édit ...
: 21feb18 in Las Vegas for Heli Expo 2018
: 01mar18 pictured (pic3) departing the Las Vegas Convention Center ...
: 16mar18 demo tour in Dallas/Fort Worth
: 21mar18 demo tour arrived at Sugar Land, TX
H125 / AS350B3e Ecureuil 7958 F-WWXB : Airbus Helicopters, Apr15
NH90 TTH 1305 F-ZKBA : NHI/Airbus Helicopters; Jan14 at Marignane; Sep14 still
NH90 TTH 1101 F-ZKBE : Airbus France / NHI; 03Jul14 Noted MRS on Marignane factory flig ...
NH90 TTH 1332 F-ZKBK : Airbus Helicopters France; Feb16 at Marignane
NH90 NFH 1339 F-ZKBL : Airbus Helicopters France, test serial F-XHFQ
Super Puma/Cougar 2923 2014F-ZKBR : Airbus Helicopter France Mar14
NH90 NFH 1340 F-ZKBU : Airbus Helicopters France; Jun16 at Marignane
EC725AP Caracal 2611 F-ZKDA : Aug16 firefighting in south of France
H225M F-ZWBD : Airbus; 09feb15 at Marignane
NH90 TTH 1032 F-ZWBJ : Sep14 Airbus Helicopters France as ES891
H225M F-ZWBL : Airbus Marignane
H225M 2962 F-ZWDD : Airbus France, for Indonesia
H225M 2964 F-ZWDF : Airbus France, for Indonesia
H225M 2966 F-ZWDJ : Airbus France, for Indonesia
EC725 Caracal 2867 F-ZWDS : 02feb15 seen at Marseilles Brazillian Navy registration N-7107 07
: c/n seems to be 2867, equiped with the APU Option by Apr15
: May15 used in Poland Armed Forces tests
: 11jun15 pictured arriving LeBourget for Paris airshow 2015
VSR700 2002 2017F-ZWSR : Airbus VSR700 demonstrator; Dec18 pictured (pic2) at BA125 for r ...
Tiger / Tigre 0002 F-ZWWY : 07oct16 at Fassberg, Germany
X3 0001 2010F-ZXXX : Jun14 moved to France national Air and Space museum, Le Bourget
: 17mar17 leaving Musee Air Espace LeBourget to join the Aviation M ...
H160 mockup mockup : 04oct17 pictured at London Excel for Helitech 2017

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