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    Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) is a joint venture between the Government of Brunei (50%) and Royal Dutch Shell (50%). The Company explores, develops and produces crude oil and natural gas both offshore and onshore. It employs an approximate of 4,100 people, producing 300,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (crude oil and natural gas combined).

    BSP operated its first helicopter in 1967. As of 2017, accumulating more than 800,000 landings and flew more than 4.5 million passengers


    H160 Offshore Service for Shell, 29-Jan-20 : Heli-Expo 2020 Shell to put the H160 into service for offshore oil and gas indutries transportation

    Sikorsky Recognizes Brunei Shell Petroleum, 18-Apr-17 : Rotorcraft Asia 2017 Sikorsky recognized Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) during the 2017 Rotorcraft Asia show for 50 years of continuous service with Sikorsky helicopters

    CAE Brunei Training Centre certified by EASA, 13-Oct-15 : The S-92 simulator at CAE Brunei Multi-Purpose Training Centre (MPTC) has been formally certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

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    List of Helicopter Operators

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    Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
        BSP Aviation Department? --

    Bases and Locations

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    Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
       Anduki AirfieldBSP Aviation Department

    Model Types

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      AH H1602021
      AW AW1392013
      Sikorsky S-92 32006
      Sikorsky S-61 H-319742007

    List of Aircraft

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    S-61N 61-749 1975V8-BSP : Brunei Shell Petroleum 1991-2007 ?
    AW139 41330 V8-EOR : Brunei Shell Petroleum May13, test serial N137MM
    S-92A 92-0042 V8-GAS : Sikorsky S-92A, c/n 92-0042, ff?; reg Sikorsky as N8068V, unk; de ...
    AW139 41332 V8-MIB : Brunei Shell Petroleum May13, test serial N146MM
    S-92A 92-0041 V8-OIL : Sikorsky S-92A, c/n 92-0041, ff?; reg Sikorsky as N8086L, unk; de ...
    S-92A 92-0039 V8-SAR : BSP SAR, pictured; 07feb15 rtn to Brunei in new Rescue livery
    S-61N 61-775 1977V8-SAV : BSP from 1992 to 2007 ex PH-NZL toward N725JH
    S-92A 92-0039 V8-SHL : at Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia
    : at Toowoomba Airport, Queensland, Australia
    S-61N 61-488 1971V8-UDQ : ex VR-UDQ
    S-61N 61-364 1967V8-UDU : BSP rereg V8-UDU, unk.
    S-61N 61-468 1969VR-RBS : Brunei Shell Petroleum as VR-UDX, reser V8-UDX, Sikorsky serial N ...
    S-61N 61-488 1971VR-UDQ : 08jun81 flown from Gatwick to Brunei to join the Shell Brunei fle ...
    S-61N 61-364 1967VR-UDU : Sikorsky S-61N-13, c/n 61-364, ff?; del Brunei Shell Petroleum as ...
    S-61N 61-717 1974VR-UDZ : Brunei Shell Petroleum from 25Apr74 as VR-UDZ; rereg V8-UDZ

    11 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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