germany Bundespolizei

German Federal Police (BPOL)


Bundespolizei German Federal Police (BPOL)

Founded as Bundesgrezschutz (German Border Guard) BGS on march 16, 1951 and under control of the Bundesministerium des Innern (Federal Ministry of the Interior) BMI. The Bundespolizei BPol was reorganized on july 1, 2005.

As of 2019, operates 19 AS332L1 Super Puma, 42 EC135/H135 (along the BMI), 19 EC155 and 10 EC120. The H215/AS332L1e entering service in 2020


Becker ADS-B for Bundespolizei Super Pumas, 15-Sep-19 : #sCloaking German Federal Police, Bundespolizei, contracted Heli-One Norway to install the recently EASA certified Becker Avionics BXT6513 ADS-B transponders equipped with “sCloaking” in their Super Puma helicopters fleet

1000th Super Puma Delivered to Bundespolizei, 09-Sep-19 : #SuperPuma The German Federal Police, Bundespolizei, received the fourth and last H215 / AS332L1e ordered in 2016. This is the 1000th Super Puma helicopter built in Marignane, France since type’ first flight in 1978 by then Aerospatiale

Upgrades for 20 German Federal Police Super Puma, 22-May-19 : #Bundespolizei Heli One, CHC MRO provider, awarded 8-years contract by the German Federal Police to upgrade 4 H215/AS332L1e plus 16 AS332L1 options with the latest technology

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List of Units

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    bgs-fliegerstaffel mitte - federal border guard - aviation squadron center ? 2005
    bgs-fliegerstaffel nord - federal border guard - aviation squadron north ? 2005
    bgs-fliegerstaffel ost - federal border guard - aviation squadron east 1990 2005
    bgs-fliegerstaffel süd - federal border guard - aviation squadron south 1964 2005
    bgs-fliegerstaffel west - federal border guard - aviation squadron west ? 2005

Model Types

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  AH H215 / AS332C1e / AS332L1e2019
  EC EC12062007
  EC Super Puma/Cougar72005
  EC EC135252000
  EC AS365 Dauphin 2 202000
  SNIA AS332 Super Puma 131990
  Dornier UH-1D1319762001
  Bell 212 1019742012
  SNIA SA330 Puma 2319732008
  SNIA Alouette II3219642007
  Bell 471956
  Hiller UH-12B HTE-2119551956

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