canada Canadian Air Crane

Canadian Air Crane is a wholly owned Canadian subsidiary of Erickson Air Crane (USA). It operates Sikorsky-Erickson S-64E Air Cranes under lease / contract.

Model Types

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  Sikorsky S-64 CH-54

List of Aircraft

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CH-54A Tarhe 64-061 1968C-FCRN : lsd Canadian Air Crane as C-FCRN; rtnd Erickson Air Crane as N172 ...
CH-54A Tarhe 64-065 1968C-GESC : lsd Canadian Air Crane as C-GESC, unk.
CH-54B Tarhe 64-091 1969C-GFAH : Canadian Air Crane, lsd from Erickson date unk
S-64E 64-058 1968C-GFBH : Canadian Air-Crane at Delta, BC Dec94-Dec95
CH-54A Tarhe 64-017 1967C-GFLH : lsd Canadian Air Crane as C-GFLH, 1996; rtnd Erickson Air Crane a ...
CH-54A Tarhe 64-052 1968C-GJRY : Canadian Air-Crane 04feb10; ex 68-18450
S-64A 64-003 1962C-GJZK : Canadian Air-Crane, lsd; Feb90-Feb98; Feb01-Mar10

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