colombia Policia Nacional de Colombia

PNC - Colombian National Police


Policia Nacional de Colombia Colombian National Police


Colombia to Support Black Hawk in Latin America, 04-Aug-16 : Formed in 2012, Sikorsky Colombia operates a Black Hawk depot repair facility fully tooled and equipped to provide complete airframe structural repairs and is now offering its services to Mexico

Tactical Display For Colombian Police Bell 407GX, 08-Mar-16 : The Colombia National Police (PNC) ordered Macro Blue (MB)-10 high definition tactical cockpit display for its recently-purchased Bell 407GX patrol helicopter

Plan Colombia: 30 More Black Hawks, 18-Dec-00 : Two contracts worth more than $221M to Sikorsky to provide a total of 30 Black HAWK helicopters to Colombia by the end of 2001

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Model Types

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  Bell 407 2010
  Mc.D.D md50021999
  Sikorsky S-70 H-60111999
  Bell 205 1999
  Bell 212

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