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  • Armada Nacional de Colombia Colombian Navy
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Colombian Navy Welcomed Dauphins, 28-Jan-19 : #Colombia Colombia navy put two second-hand AS365N3 Dauphin into service and inaugurated an emergency training center for both military and civilian personnel under the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Organization for the Training of the Oil Industry (OPITO) standards

SIFOREX 2018 Exercise in Peru, 17-Apr-18 : An US Navy HSM-78’ MH-60R Seahawk is taking part of the anti-submarine warfare (ASW) Exercise SIFOREX in Peru. Represent a unique opportunity to train against multiple diesel powered submarines

Model Types

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  EC AS365N3 Dauphin 22019
  Bell 41281998
  EC AS555SN Fennec 2219982019
  Bell 21281998
  MBB Bo10521983

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