italy Corpo Forestale dello Stato

State Forestry Department

corpo forestale stato

Organization disestablish in 2016. All aircraft (helicopters and one plane) redistributed between Carabinieri and Vigili del Fuoco

Model Types

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  AW AW109320082016
  Agusta ab4121819892016
  Breda Nardi NH5001219802016
  Sikorsky CH-54B Tarhe 6
  Hughes 369 / 500 / H-63

List of Aircraft

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AB47G 20 1955I-ASFD : CFS
ab412sp 25610 I-CFAA : CFS-20, CFS20AA built as AB412CS type
ab412sp 25614 I-CFAB : CFS-21, CFS21AB built as AB412CS
ab412sp 25615 I-CFAC : CFS-22, CFS22AC built as AB412CS
: w/o 06sep15 pictured after hard landing at Isola Montecristo
ab412sp 25618 I-CFAD : CFS-23, CFS23AD Built as AB412CS
ab412ep 25918 2003I-CFAE : CFS-24, CFS24AE; Sept03 pictured at Aeroporto dell Urbe, Roma dur ...
ab412ep 25919 2003I-CFAF : CFS-25, CFS25AF
CH-54B Tarhe 64-088 1969I-CFAG : CFS-26. Erickson S-64F. ex BuNo 69-18480
: CFS-100 "Geronimo"
: 02aug12 at Olbio airport
CH-54B Tarhe 64-080 1969I-CFAH : CFS-27; sold European Air Cranes as I-CFAH, 07Seo07; operated by ...
: CFS-101 "Orso Bruno"
CH-54B Tarhe 64-089 1969I-CFAH : CFS-101 "Cavallo Pazzo" (crazy Horse)
CH-54B Tarhe 64-067 1969I-CFAI : CFS-28. Erickson S-64F. ex BuNo 69-18462
: CFS-102 "Toro Seduto"
CH-54B Tarhe 64-078 1969I-CFAJ : CFS-29. Erickson S-64F. ex BuNo 69-18471
: CFS-103 "Nuvola Rossa"
ab412ep 25926 2006I-CFAK : CFS-26, CFS26AK
: Still in charge of Belluno CFS before becoming Vigili del Fuoco
ab412ep 25978 2006I-CFAL : CFS-27, CFS27AL
369HS 0619S I-CFSA : CFS-01. w/o 29jul82
369HS 0634S I-CFSB : CFS-02. ex I-BNAD
369HS 0648S I-CFSC : CFS-03
NH500D BH-01 I-CFSD : CFS-04
NH500D BH-02 I-CFSE : CFS-05
: CFS-05, CFS05SE
: 28jun2016: emergency landing, out of duty for unscheduled mainte ...
NH500D BH-03 I-CFSF : CFS-06
NH500D BH-04 I-CFSG : CFS-07; w/o 31oct07 Roccaforte del Greco, Reggio Calabria
NH500D BH-05 I-CFSH : CFS-08
NH500D BH-06 I-CFSI : CFS-09
ab412 25561 I-CFSJ : CFS-14, CFS14SJ
NH500D BH-07 I-CFSK : CFS-10
NH500D BH-15 I-CFSL : CFS-11
NH500D BH-16 I-CFSM : CFS-12
NH500D BH-17 I-CFSN : CFS-13
ab412 25562 I-CFSO : CFS-15, CFS15SO
ab412 25563 I-CFSP : CFS-16
ab412 25564 I-CFSW : CFS-18
ab412 25572 I-CFSX : CFS-19, CFS19SX; 15jan12 pictured at Monte Terminillo, Rieti, La ...
CH-54B Tarhe 64-098 1970I-SEAD : European Air Crane from 2006; lsd CFSy as tanker 737, Shirley Jea ...
AW109N Nexus 22507 2008MM81686 : CFS-33
AW109N Nexus 22510 2008MM81687 : CFS-34
: second Forestale Nexus performing training flights in Padova.
AW109N Nexus 22513 2008MM81688 : CFS-35
ab412ep 25983 MM81692 : CFS-28
ab412ep 25982 MM81693 : CFS-29
ab412ep 25980 MM81694 : CFS-30. ex CSX81694
ab412ep 25984 MM81695 : CFS-31
ab412ep 25985 MM81696 : CFS-32
CH-54B Tarhe 64-089 1969N236AC : Erickson S-64F. ex BuNo 69-18481. w/o 06jul05 at Fiumicino Roma
AS350B3 Ecureuil 4912 SE-JLU : 09oct10 pictured at Corpo Forestale dello Stato heliport but with ...

42 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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