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DanCopter receives its fourth EC225, 26-Jul-13 : Marignane, France - Eurocopter today delivered a fourth EC225 helicopter to Denmark’s DanCopter A/S – which operates the rotorcraft for crew change missions to offshore oil and gas platforms in the North Sea.

Third EC225 delivered to Blueway / DanCopter, 12-Jul-12 : Marignane, France by Stephane Chery - Eurocopter will provide the leading Northern European helicopter operator Blueway Group with a total of four new EC225s in 2012. Two of these helicopters are already in service for crew change operations on the Danish continental shelf. The third aircraft was delivered today during a ceremony at Eurocopter’s facilities in Marignane while the final helicopter is to be handed over before the end of the year.

Model Types

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  AH H175 / EC1752017
  EC EC225LP42012
  EC EC155B12003

List of Aircraft

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H225 / EC225LP 2907 2014LN-OJK : DanCopter Nov16-Feb17
EC225LP 2862 2013LN-OYX : DanCopter from Blueway, OY-HOR ntu; Feb14 still in Denmark
H175 / EC175 5006 OY-HHV : DanCopter from 2017
EC155B1 6828 2009OY-HJA : DanCopter from 2009, test serial F-WWOC
: 28sep14 pictured (top) at Renaissance Golf Hotel, Scotland ferryi ...
: 24mar15 pictured (bot) at Norwich
: 06sep17 at Denham Airfield North London
EC155B1 6871 2009OY-HJB : 900th Dauphin family aircraft; Dancopter from 2009, handed over a ...
: 15sep12 pictured (pic1) at De Kooy, Netherlands during Heldair sh ...
: 09sep14 pictured (pic2) at Norwich, UK
: 19dec14 pictured (pic3) at homebase Norwich, UK in offshore dutie ...
EC155B1 6662 2003OY-HJJ : DanCopter from Nov07-2010
: Dancopter from 2013; 04nov13 pictured (top) on off shore duties a ...
: 01jul14 pictured (bot) at Norwich, UK
: 17may15 at De Kooy, Dancopter Offshore the Netherlands Northsea
EC155B1 6655 2003OY-HJP : DanCopter ex test serial F-WWOI
AS365N2 Dauphin 2 6420 1991OY-HLL : Dan Copter 2003, SE-JGU ntu
AS365N3 Dauphin 2 6706 2005OY-HMO : DanCopter 2005-2007, test serial F-WWOA; Faroe isles, "Spirit of ...
EC225LP 2825 2012OY-HNA : Blueway/DanCopter 2012-2013, offshore
: 03oct12 8pm FlightRadar24 shows it on its way westwards started ...
EC225LP 2839 2012OY-HOK : Blueway/DanCopter, offshore, test serial F-WWOI
EC225LP 2838 2012OY-HOM : Blueway/DanCopter, offshore
EC225LP 2841 2012OY-HOS : Blueway/DanCopter d/d Jul12, test serial F-WWON; offshore
AS365N2 Dauphin 2 6419 1991OY-HRH : Dan Copter 2003-2005, to PH-FMB
EC155B1 6660 2003OY-HSK : DanCopter A/s from 2007; 08Aug12 pictured at Norwich, UK
EC155B1 6658 2003OY-HSL : DanCopter from 2003
: 07feb13 pictured at their Norwich base, UK

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