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Programme started on April 2001 which is intended to provide airborne Emergency Medical Service (EMS) coverage to all prefectures in Japan

Organisation News

Kagoshima Orders GrandNew for Doctor-Heli, 17-Jun-16 : Kagoshima International Aviation orders a second AgustaWestland AW109SP GrandNew helicopter in EMS configuration to be operated for Doctor-Heli programme which covers all prefectures in Japan

AgustaWestland at Heli-Expo 2016, 01-Mar-16 : Heli-Expo 2016 Finmeccanica announced 25 AW119Kx ordered by Sino-US of China, a GrandNew by Japan Niigata Prefecture, re-launch of PZL SW-4 as AW009 and celebrating 100,000 flight hours by Era Group AW139 fleet

Medical Aero-Asahi MD902 Achieve 10,000 Mission, 15-Jul-15 : MD Helicopters celebrates Aero-Asahi Corp and Chiba Hokusoh Hospital for setting a Japanese HEMS record, flying 10,000 Doctor-Heli Missions by MD902

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Organisation Models Login to Edit

  AW AW109SP GrandNew2011
  EC ec1352000
  KHI bk117 2000

Individual Helicopters Login to Edit

BK117C-1 1130 JA005W : Doctor Heli
429 57008 2009JA01DW : Doctor-Heli/NAS
AW109SP GrandNew 22256 JA01KG : Kagoshima d/d 26dec11
EC135P2 0190 JA02HA : Doctor Heli d/d 2010
A109e Power 11090 2000JA02KG : Kagoshima 2011, ex G-WNAA
A109K2 10028 1996JA111D : Doctor-Heli 1999-2002, op by Nakanihon
EC135P1 0137 JA112D : Doctor Heli from Jun00, op by Nakanihon
EC135P1 0136 1999JA113D : Doctor Heli from Oct01, op by Nakanihon
EC135P2 0236 JA114D : Doctor Heli from Sep02, op by Nakanihon
EC135P2 0248 JA115D : Doctor Heli from Nov02, op by Nakanihon
EC135P2 0410 JA116D : Doctor Heli from Feb06, op by Nakanihon
EC135P2+ 0665 JA117D : Doctor Heli from Apr08, op by Nakanihon
EC135P2+ 0822 JA118D : Doctor Heli from Aug09, op by Nakanihon
EC135P2+ 0838 JA119D : Doctor Heli from Sep09, op by Nakanihon
EC135P2+ 0885 JA120D : Doctor-Heli from Jul10, op by Nakanihon
EC135P2+ 0998 2011JA121D : Doctor Heli from Nov11, op by NAS
EC135P2+ 1021 2012JA122D : Doctor Heli from Jun12, op by NAS
EC135P2+ 1071 2012JA124D : Doctor Heli from Nov12, op by NAS
EC135P2+ 1130 2013JA125D : Dcotor Heli, NAS
EC135T2 0468 2006JA32KC : Doctor Heli from Nov12
BK117B-1 1079 JA6659 : conv bk.117c-1; Doctor-Heli
BK117B-1 1081 JA6667 : Doctor-Heli, op by Nishi
MD900 Explorer 900/00024 1995JA6790 : Doctor Heli, op by Asahi
MD902 Explorer 900/00073 JA6908 : Doctor Heli, op by Asahi
BK117C-2 4002 JA6910 : Kawasaki Bk.117C2; Doctor Heli
BK117C-2 4014 JA6923 : Doctor Heli
BK117C-2 4015 JA6924 : Doctor-Heli
BK117C-2 4021 JA6927 : Doctor Heli
EC135P1 0126 JA800H : Doctor Heli Mar00-Nov15, op by Hiratagakuen
EC135T1 0124 2000JA804H : Doctor Heli Mar00-Nov15, op by Hiratagakuen
EC135P2+ 0528 JA806H : Doctor Heli from Mar07, op by Hiratagakuen
EC135P2+ 0543 JA809H : Doctor Heli from May07, op by Hiratagakuen
EC135P2+ 0814 JA815H : Doctor Heli from Jul09, op by Hiratagakuen
EC135P2+ 0828 JA818H : Doctor Heli from Sep09, op by Hiratagakuen
EC135P2+ 0872 JA822H : Heli Doctor from May10, op by Hiratagakuen
EC135P2+ 0941 2010JA824H : Doctor Heli from Dec10, op by Hirata Gakuen
EC135P2+ 1049 JA827H : Doctor-Heli from Mar13, op by Hiratagakuen
EC135P2+ 1116 JA831H : Doctor-Heli from Oct13, op by Hiratagakuen
EC135P2+ 0963 2011JA88DH : Doctor Heli from Jun11

39 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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