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FreeFlight Systems designs, manufactures and supports avionics systems that bring the benefits of the NextGen airspace transformation to all segments of aviation improving the safety, efficiency and affordability of flying. Based at Irving and Waco, Texas


ACR Group Acquired FreeFlight Systems, 25-Feb-20 : #ACR ACR Group, a tracking, data communications and emergency location products and services provider acquired Texas-based avionics manufacturer FreeFlight Systems which will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary

FreeFlight Systems Partners Avidyne for ADS-B Solution, 27-Mar-18 : Avidyne will bundle an IFD system and a ADS-B Out-capable Mode S transponder with FreeFlight Systems RANGR-RX ADS-B receiver to offer a complete ADS-B solution

National Flight Services with FreeFlight Systems, 28-Dec-16 : National Flight Services from Texas will equip more than 25 helicopters with FreeFlight Systems’s RA4000 and RA4500 series radar altimeters starting January 2017

Radar Altimeter in MD 369/500N/600N, 23-May-16 : Precision Heli-Support received STC approval for installation of the FreeFlight Systems RA-4000/4500 radar altimeter and FTG-410 tone generator audio alert safety system in MD369/500N and 600N models

RA-4500 Radar Altimeter for the AW119, 26-Apr-16 : FreeFlight Systems announced that Finmeccanica has selected the RA-4500 radar altimeter as standard equipment for AW119 single-turbine light helicopters.

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