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    heli niugini mi-8

    Established early 1980s, Heli Niugini Limited (HNL) is based in Papua New Guinea (PNG) with operations throughout Australia, Asia and the Pacific. HNL specialises in precision construction, seismic, mining and petroleum industry support, police and emergencies search and rescue and general charter flights.


    Eagle Celebrates Tenth Conversion of a 407HP, 01-Jun-17 : Eagle recently celebrated its tenth conversion of a 407HP and first completed in Coffs Harbour, Australia. The aircraft goes to Heli Niugini in Papua New Guinea

    Eagle Australasia First 407HP Conversion, 11-Apr-17 : Eagle Australasia completed in 6 weeks the first 407HP conversion for Papua New Guinea’s Heli Niugini

    Eagle 407HP Trials in Papua New Guinea, 12-Jan-17 : The 407HP, powered by a Honeywell’s HTS900 engine, at high altitude testing above 10,000 feet, is lifting more than a standard Bell 212 and close to double the standard Bell 407 helicopter

    Model Types

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      Eagle Copters 407HP2017
      KHI bk117

    List of Aircraft

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    Mi-8AMT 5182 P2-HBA : Heli Niugini from 2012
    Mi-8AMT 7904 1993P2-HBB : Heli Niugini from 2011
    Mi-8MTV-1 95651 P2-HBE : Heli Niugini from 2011
    BK117B-1 1046 P2-HBK : Heli Niugini from Dec91
    BK117A-4 1021 P2-HBL : Heli Niugini type:B-2
    BK117A-4 1022 P2-HBM : Heli Niugini Papua New Guinea, ex 5Y-EXH
    bk117 1002 1983P2-HBO : Papua New Guinea, type A-3 Feb05 - Mar06 to ZK-HAW
    : Heli Niugini type A-3
    BK117B-1 1075 P2-HBQ : Heli Niugini type:B-2
    407 53946 2009P2-HBW : Heli Niugini, Papua New Guinea unk
    : Heli Niugini 2017, 407HP type
    205A-1 30109 1972P2-HBX : Heli Niugini by 2014
    : Oct19-Oct20 for sale Bell 205 1972; Price: $2,350,000 - 7680 fli ...
    205A-1 30131 1973P2-HBY : Papua New Guinea; Aug12 with Heli-Niugini. Nice machine
    BK117B-1 1041 1989P2-HNA : Heli Niugini type B-2 from Oct12
    407 53257 1998P2-HSE : Niugini Helicopters 2010; w/o at Kiunga Airport, North Fly Distr ...
    427 56066 2008P2-HSG : Niugini Helicopters, Papua New Guinea
    : w/o 11aug19 ditched into the ocean near Buluma Beach, Kimbe, New ...
    AS350B3 Ecureuil 3466 2001P2-THW : Heli Niugini 2012-2018?
    407 53494 2001VH-EPU : Heli Niugini, Papua New Guinea, lsd Eagle Copters by Jan17

    16 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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