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Established 1955, Helicopteros Nacionales de Colombia S.A.S. is a helicopter service company supporting oil, seismic, construction, fumigation and general transport with a fleet of Bell 212, Bell 412, AW139, AW119Ke and Beechcraft and Cessna fixed wing aircraft. Based at El Dorado airport in Bogota. Partnership with Bristow Group


Helicol in Colombia to Receive AW139, 15-Aug-17 : Waypoint’s signed first lease transaction in Colombia with the leasing of an AW139 helicopter to Helicol to support the offshore oil and gas sector

List of Aircraft

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H-34G III 1649 1963HK-2071X : xfer Helicopteros Nacionales de Columbia as HK-2071X, 03Sep81.
212 32137 1980HK-3183X : Helicol
212 30654 HK-3303 : Helicol (Helicopteros Nacionales de Colombia) from Oct08
212 31207 HK-3336 : Helicol (Helicopteros Nacionales de Colombia) from Nov07
212 31203 HK-4031 : Helicol (Helicopteros Nacionales de Colombia) from Jul08
412EP 36428 2006HK-4519 : Helicol Colombia 2008
412 33011 1981HK-4680 : Helicol Colombia, noted Aug10
AW119Ke Koala 14747 2009HK-4697 : Helicol Colombia
412 33009 1981HK-4744 : HeliCol from Mar11
AW139 31100 2007HK-5174 : HeliCol from Dec15
AS365N3 Dauphin 2 6714 PR-SEG : 08jan19 seen with Helicol markings

11 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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