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S-64 Composite Main Rotor Blades First Flight, 25-Jul-16 : Erickson and Helicopter Transport Services (HTS) announce first flight of its advanced composite main rotor blades for the S-64/CH-54 helicopter

Model Types

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  Sikorsky s-64 CH-54

List of Aircraft

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230 23012 1993C-FLRU : 2009 C-FLRU, ex N206CX
212 30944 N2093S : Helicopter Transport Service; Dec93 to May94; rtn C-FNJJ
S-61N Mk.II 61-755 1976N219AC : Helicopter Transport Services Feb97-Oct09
H-34G III 1547 N4247V : Mar14 at Carlisle, PA
: 17sep15 at Henry County Airport, Hampton, GA
H-34G III 1662 N458AC : HST Aircrane, noted Sep06
S-58B 0530 1957N47B : hulk sold Air One Helicopter as N47B, 21Feb91; NTSB: "18Jul97: Pa ...
UH-1E Iroquois 6060 1965N5363G : Helicopter Transport Services Inc at Wilmington, DE Jan11
CH-53D Sea Stallion 65-172 N53HL : acquired in the buyout of Heavy Lift Helicopters by Helicopter Tr ...
CH-54B Tarhe 64-077 1969N715HT : sold Helicopter Transport Services Inc as N715HT, Mar02, current.
CH-54B Tarhe 64-092 1969N716HT : sold to unk as N484KG; sold Helicopter Transport Services Inc as ...
CH-54B Tarhe 64-074 1969N718HT : Helicopter Services, unk
: 15jun10 pictured (bot) near Las Vegas, New Mexico, working the Te ...
: Sep.2011 seen at Pocatello, OR
CH-54B Tarhe 64-076 1969N719HT : Sikorsky S-64B, c/n 64-076, ff?; del US Army as CH-54B 69-18469 u ...
: 17jun11 pictured at Libby Army airfield, Arizona, USA
CH-54B Tarhe 64-073 1969N721HT : sold to unk as N466KG unk; sold Helicopter Services Inc as N721HT ...
CH-54B Tarhe 64-075 1969N722HT : sold Helicopter Transport Services Inc as N722HT, 17May04, curren ...
214ST 28196 N726HT : HTS Jun06-Sep11
H-34G III 1626 1963N72B : Helicopter Transport Services Dec05-Apr13
S-76A 76-0133 N76LP : Helicopter TRansport Service 1999-2004
CH-54A Tarhe 64-029 1967N793HT : Nov12 operated by HTS
: 26jun13 pictured (top) at Santa Fe, New Mexico. (middle and bot) ...
CH-54A Tarhe 64-063 1968N795HT : HTS ex N642EV

19 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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