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    Established 1981 and based in Cahokia, IL, Helicopters Inc. is a leading provider of Electronic News Gathering (ENG) helicopters in USA and specializes in the design, build and leasing aircraft for television and radio stations. As of 2017 operates in over 35 cities with a mix fleet of Bell 206/407 and Eurocopter/Airbus AS350/H125. In 2018 ordered the first Bell 505 in ENG configuration.

    Not to confuse with Helicopters, Inc (TN)


    Helicopters, Inc. Gets First Bell 505 for News Service, 01-Mar-18 : Heli-Expo 2018 Helicopters Inc ordered the first 2 Bell 505 configured for electronic news gathering (ENG)

    Model Types

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      Bell 505 Jet Ranger X2018