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    Established 1979, Helifor is the only Canadian operator licensed to use the Vertol 107 and Chinook 234. Part of Columbia Helicopters


    Erickson Renews Timber Harvesting Contract in Canada, 28-Jan-16 : Erickson renewed for fifth time contract with Helifor Canada, part of Columbia Helicopters, to continue providing aerial timber harvesting services in British Columbia and western Canada.

    Erickson Renewed Key Contracts, 07-Apr-15 : Erickson announced that has renewed key contracts with the US Forest Service as well as with Canadian aerial heavy lift company Helifor Canada, a subsidiary of Columbia Helicopters.

    List of Aircraft

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    hkp4a 404 1964C-FHCN : Helifor Nov10-Sep16
    : at Victoria International Airport, BC
    234LR MJ-005 1981C-FHFB : Helifor Feb00-Nov12
    234LR MJ-001 1980C-FHFH : Helifor, lsd from Columbia Helicopters; w/o 30oct97 at ivo Comox, ...
    : w/o 30oct97 destroyed during logging accident
    234LR MJ-006 1981C-FHFJ : Helifor Apr99-Jan00, lsd
    107-ii 4 1962C-FHFV : Helifor Jan00-Apr09
    107-ii 107 1964C-FHFW : lsd Helifor as C-FHFW, unk.
    107-ii 101 1962C-GHCD : Helifor Industries Ltd Feb07-Jul10
    hkp4a 406 1964C-GHFF : BV-107II-14, c/n 406, ff ?, reg N10118; del to Swedish Air Force ...
    107-ii 5 1962C-GHFI : Helifor at Vancouver, BC May89-Dec97
    234LR MJ-005 1981C-GHFP : Helifor Apr95-Jan96
    234LR MJ-006 1981C-GHFP : Helifor Sep93-Jan94, lsd
    hkp4a 402 1964C-GHFT : lsd Helifor as C-GHFT, unk; broke up in flight while maneuvering ...
    CH-46A 2002 1962C-GHFY : Helifor from May92
    : 15may09 parked on a ramp at Fox Field in Lancaster, CA. I appears ...

    11 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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