indonesia tentara nasional indonesia angkatan darat

TNI-AD - indonesian national defence - army aviation

tentara nasional indonesia angkatan darat indonesian national defence - army aviation


Indonesian Army Orders Nine Bell 412EPi, 18-Jan-19 : #Bell412EPi The Indonesian Army ordered 9 Bell 412EPi to be customized locally before delivery by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI). The Army already operates the 412SP/EP models. The 412EPi has a glass cockpit

Indonesia PTDI Delivering Airbus helicopters, 30-Mar-17 : Benefitting from a partnership of over four decades, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) recently delivered a AS332/H215M, 2 EC725/H225M and 2 AS555 Fennec to the Armed Forces. AS565MBe Panther to follow

Russian Spare Parts to Indonesia and Thailand, 07-Sep-16 : Russia signed supply contracts for the Royal Thai Army Mi-17V5 and Indonesian Army (TNI-AD) Mi-35P helicopters during the Army-2016 forum in Moscow.

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List of Units

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    Skadron Udara Angkatan Darat 11 - 11th Squadron ? --

Model Types

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  B AH-64E Apache2017
  AH H125M / AS550C3e Fennec2014
  AH AS555 Fennec2014
  Mil Mi-35P Hind 52006
  Bell 4121988
  MBB NBo105CB1977

List of Aircraft

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H-34A Choctaw 0427 1957 : rtnd USA, modified to S-58T std, unk; del Indonesian AF as H.???? ...
205A-1 30266 HA-5066 : Indonesian Army (TNI-AD); w/o 21apr15 at Ahmad Yani Army airbase, ...
205A-1 30259 HA-5067 : Indonesian Army (TNI-AD), reser HA-5073
HA-5073 : w/o 08jul16 at Tamanmartani village, Sleman, Yogyakarta. 3 fatal ...
412SP 34003 HA-5103 : Nurtanio c/n NB03; TNI-AD
412SP 34004 HA-5104 : Nurtanio c/n NB04; TNI-AD
412SP 34006 HA-5105 : Nurtanio c/n NB06; TNI-AD; w/o 16may11
412EP 36546 HA-5155 : TNI-AD Feb11, test serial N363BT
412EP 36568 HA-5164 : TNI-AD Aug12, test serial N436WP
412EP HA-5166 : TNI-AD; w/o 24nov16 at Long Hard. 3 fatalities
412EP HA-5171 : TNI-AD Mar13; w/o 20mar16 at Poso, Central Sulawesi. 13 fatalitie ...
NBo105CB 0260 HH-1501 : TNI-AD N024/S.260
NBo105CB 0312 HH-1502 : TNI-AD N036/S.312
NBo105CB 0313 HH-1503 : TNI-AD N037/S.313
NBo105CB 0314 HH-1504 : TNI-AD N038/S.314
NBo105CB 0317 HH-1505 : TNI-AD N039/S.317
NBo105CB 0318 HH-1506 : TNI-AD N040/S.318
NBo105CB 0379 HH-1507 : TNI-AD N051/S.379
NBo105CB 0377 HH-1508 : TNI-AD N049/S.377
Mi-35P Hind 70385 HS-7129 : Indonesian Army (TNI-AU) 2006
Mi-35P Hind 70386 HS-7130 : Indonesian Army (TNI-AU) 2006
Mi-35P Hind HS-7152 : Indonesian Army (TNI-AU) 2010 as HX-3503
Mi-35P Hind HS-7153 : Indonesian Army (TNI-AU) 2010 as HX-3504
Mi-35P Hind HS-7154 : Indonesian Army (TNI-AU) 2010 as HX-3505
H125M / AS550C3e Fennec HS-7196 : TNI-AD from Nov14, ex HX-3501

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