ireland Garda Cósta na hÉireann

IRCG - Irish Coast Guard

List of Aircraft

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S-61N 61-816 1978EI-CXS : Irish Coast Guard, op by CHC
S-61N Mk.II 61-740 1974EI-CZN : Irish Coast Guard 2003-2013, op by CHC
S-61N Mk.II 61-817 EI-GCE : Irish coast guard, noted 2007
S-92A 92-0045 2006EI-ICA : Irish Coast Guard, Operated by CHC Ireland
S-92A 92-0052 2006EI-ICD : Irish Coast Guard, Operated by CHC Ireland
: 12oct14 pictured on approach to Beaumont Hospital, Dublin
: 29mar19 as /Rescue117 video rescued hiker at Lake Coumshingaun w ...
: 11apr19 as /Rescue117 in medical evacuation at Hook lighthouse
S-92A 92-0150 2011EI-ICG : Irish Coast Guard d/d Feb12
S-92A 92-0051 2007EI-ICR : Irish Coast Guard, Operated by CHC Ireland
: w/o 14mar17 Dublin based "Rescue 116" crashed into the sea off B ...
: Sadly lost at Sea on SAR mission. Captain Dara Fitzpatrick unfort ...
: Apr17 report states that Rescue 116 struck island that wasn’t i ...
S-92A 92-0259 2014EI-ICS : Irish Coast Guard; 20jan18 at Waterford
: 30dec18 at Waterford
S-92A 92-0034 2006EI-ICU : Irish Coast Guard, op by CHC
: 19oct18 at at Shannon
: 31dec18 as /Rescue115 video landing at Galway
S-61N Mk.II 61-776 1977EI-MES : 2010 Irish Coast Guard - Dublin
: Ireland Coast Guard, op by CHC; 11jun11 pictured at the Ulster Av ...
S-61N 61-807 1978EI-RCG : Irish Coast Guard 2001-2013
S-61N 61-143 1962EI-SAR : Irish Coast Guard 1998-2013, op by CHC
: May12 still with Coast Guard rescue and based in Waterford, Irela ...
: 10dec13 13:00hs will stand to complete its last SAR watch being r ...

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