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  • italy Soccorso Alpino

    CNSAS - Italian Mountain Rescue Service
    Air Medical Services


    • Soccorso Alpino Italian Mountain Rescue Service
    • Soccorso Alpino Italian Mountain Rescue Service

    The Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico (CNSAS) was created in 1954 as Club Alpino Italiano. They leased helicopters from private companies and they also work together with other government agencies like the Protezione Civile and the Vigili del Fuoco


    Mountain Rescuers Found Missing Man at Asiago Plateau, 05-Aug-18 : #hiking An Italian Air Force HH-139 helicopter and specialists from the National Mountain Rescue Service successfully rescued a man who went missing at the Asiago Plateau

    Aersud Elicotteri and CNSAS Signed Collaboration, 01-Aug-18 : #hiking Italian National Mountain Rescue Corps (CNSAS) and Aersud Elicotteri, Airbus distributor for the country, to collaborate in improvement of on-board equipment and staff training

    Soccorso Alpino and Leonardo Cooperation, 22-Dec-16 : The Italian Alpine Rescue and Leonardo will work together to develop more effective technologies, solutions and training for mountain and wilderness medical rescue

    List of Aircraft

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    AB412 25505 I-EHAB : Soccorso Alpino, pictured (pic1) unk
    AB139 31054 I-GREE : Soccorso Alpino, op by Airgreen, pictured (pic2)
    AW109S Grand 22024 2006I-REMS : Soccorso Alpino, pictured (top) unk

    3 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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