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Guardia Costiera Italian Coast Guard

The Italian Coast Guard air branch ( Servizio Aereo della Guardia costiera ) was established in 1989. Aircraft callsigns:
  • AB412 : Koala
  • AW139 : Nemo
  • Fixed Wing ATR-42MP : Manta
  • Fixed Wing Piaggio P.166 : Orca

  • News

    Coast Guard and Air Force Joint Training, 24-Apr-18 : Italian Air Force instructors began training Coast Guard helicopter crews reflecting an agreement signed last February to optimize national resources

    Eight More AW139 for Italian Customs and Coast Guard, 11-Dec-17 : Italian Coast Guard ordered 2 AW139 to be delivered by the end 2018 and Italian Customs and Border Protection Service (Guardia di Finanza) 6 more for 2020. Both replacing ageing AB412

    Two Additional AW139 for Italian Coast Guard, 04-Aug-16 : Italian Coast Guard orders two additional AW139 helicopters bringing Guardia Costiera fleet of this model to twelve.

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    List of Units

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    Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
        1 Nucleo Aereo - 1 squadron         1º SVE,1º NAC? --
        2 Nucleo Aereo - 2 squadron         2º SVE,2º NAC1989 --
        3 Nucleo Aereo - 3 squadron 3º NAC1990 --

    Bases and Locations

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    Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
       Catania 2º NAC
    2º SVE 2006/   
       Sarzana 1º NAC 2010/   
    1º SVE 1991/   
       Pescara3º NAC 1990/   

    Model Types

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      AW AW1392010
      Agusta AB412101993

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