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    mackay helicopters

    Established 1997, Heli-Aust Whitsundays Pty Ltd based at Mackay is part of the Aviator Group of companies, a provider of specialist helicopter services in Australia. They specialized in Marine Pilot Transfer but also provides Search and Rescue (SAR), Executive Charter and Contract Services, Electronic News Gathering and tourism.


    Waypoint Leased 2 H135 to Mackay Helicopters, 01-Mar-17 : Mackay Helicopters from Australia leased 2 H135 from Waypoint Leasing to be use out of Mackay’s North Queensland Base on specialist helicopter marine pilot transfer operations. Is Waypoint s 2nd and 3rd H135 deliveries and first into Australia

    List of Aircraft

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    206B-2 Jet Ranger 1309 1974VH-BLR : Heli-Aust Oct08-Feb14
    206B-3 Jet Ranger 2660 VH-COW : MacKay Helicopters; to ZK-IMB
    222UT 47505 1983VH-HBA : Australia from May13
    : Mackay Helicopters by 2016
    430 49027 1997VH-HIA : Aviation Tourism Australia Pty Ltd at Maroochydore BC, QLD from D ...
    : MacKay Helicopters by 2016
    AS350B Ecureuil 1413 1981VH-KGW : Heli-Aust Pty from Mar11, AS350BA type
    : pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport
    UH-1H Iroquois 11874 1970VH-LUE : Heli-Aust Feb08-Aug13
    222UT 47557 1986VH-TOR : Australia from Apr05
    : MacKay Helicopters by 2016
    UH-1D Iroquois 5995 VH-UHE : Heli-Aust Pty Ltd from Jun10; Jun12 video at Avalon Tattoo 2012
    H135 / EC135T3 1261 2018VH-XUU : Heli-Aust Whitsundays Pty Ltd from May18
    H135 / EC135P3 2066 2018VH-XUW : Heli-Aust Whitsundays Pty Ltd at Mackay, QLD from May19
    EC135P2+ 0777 2009VH-ZGA : Heli-Aust Whitsundays Pty Ltd at Mackay South, QLD from Feb17; Av ...
    H135 / EC135P3 1235 2017VH-ZGH : Heli-Aust Whitsundays Pty Ltd at Mackay South, QLD from Aug17
    EC135T1 0164 2001VH-ZGI : Australia from Jan09
    : MacKay Helicopters by 2016
    H135 / EC135P3 1255 2017VH-ZGP : Heli-Aust Whitsundays Pty Ltd at Mackay South, QLD from Aug17
    EC135P2 0197 2002VH-ZGZ : Australia from Dec08
    : MacKay Helicopters by 2016

    15 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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