nicaragua Fuerza Aerea de Nicaragua

FAN - Nicaraguan Air Force

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Mi-17-1V 419M24 FAN310 : Nicaragua, to Peru
Mi-17-1V 419M27 FAN313 : Nicaragua, to Peru
Mi-17-1V 419M29 FAN315 : Nicaragua, to Peru
Mi-17-1V 419M34 FAN320 : Nicaragua, to Peru
Mi-17-1V 419M37 FAN323 : Nicaragua, to Peru
Mi-17-1V 419M40 FAN326 : Nicaragua, to Peru
Mi-17-1V 419M41 FAN327 : Nicaragua, to Peru
Mi-17-1V 419M43 FAN329 : Nicaragua, to Peru
Mi-17-1V 419M47 FAN333 : Nicaragua, to Peru
H-34A Choctaw 0719 1958FAN517 : xfer Nicaraguan AF as FAN517, 28Jun75; w/o 07Sep76; sold as scrap ...
H-34A Choctaw 0687 1958FAN518 : to Nicaraguan AF as FAN518, unk; conv S-58T, unk; xfer Sandinista ...
: The serial FAS 51 was never used. All FAS serial numbers were 3 d ...
HSS-1N / SH-34J Seabat 0886 FAN519 : to Nicaraguan AF as FAN519(2), 1978.
H-34A Choctaw 0844 1958FAN519 : conv S-58T, unk; del Nicaraguan AF as FAN519, unk; w/o 17Nov78.
H-34A Choctaw 0843 1958FAN520 : xfer Nicaraguan AF as FAN520, unk; conv S-58T, unk; wfu & sold as ...
H-34A Choctaw 0981 FAN521 : To Nicraguan AF as FAN521.
H-34A Choctaw 0702 1957FAN522 : xfer Nicaraguan AF as FAN522, 1975; conv S-58T, unk; sold as scra ...
H-34A Choctaw 0866 FAN523 : To Nicaraguan AF as FAN523. W/o Nov 17, 1978.
H-34A Choctaw 0817 1958FAN524 : To Nicaraguan AF as FAN524, 1975; reduced as scrap, 1979-80?
H-34A Choctaw 0365 1956FAN526 : xfer Nicaraguan AF as FAN526, 1976.
: Sandinista AF as FAS-252
H-34A Choctaw 0480 1957FAN527 : to Nicaraguan AF as FAN527.
H-34A Choctaw 0575 1957NAF525 : rts & xfer Nicaraguan AF as FAN525, Mar77.

21 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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