russia PANH Helicopters


Over 150 Russian-made helicopters UN peacekeeping, 27-Feb-14 : Heli-Expo 2014 Anaheim, California - Over 150 Russian-made helicopters are currently involved in UN humanitarian and peacekeeping operations around the world.

List of Aircraft

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AW189 49013 2014RA-01693 : PANH Helicopters Sep18-May19, lsd
EC135T2 0442 RA-04095 : PANH Helicopters by Jun17, EC135T2+ type
EC135T2+ 1066 RA-07223 : PANH Helicopters, test serial D-HCBH; to be confirmed
EC135T2+ 1084 2012RA-07270 : PANH Helicopters from Dec12, test serial D-HECT
Mi-8T Hip-C 010 34093 RA-24255 : PANH; w/o at Gelendzhik airport, Krasnodar Krai. 2 fatalities
Ka-32T Helix-C 8606 RA-31064 : conv to Ka-32AO type c/n 8606/001; PANH Helicopters, noted 1995-2 ...
ka-32 9003 RA-31598 : Ka-32A conv to Ka-32AO c/n 9003/004; PANH Helicopters

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