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    Spanish Local Polices

    The Basque Country and Catalonia have their own local polices. The other regions of Spain are dependent of the National Police Corp and the Civil Guard although many regions use private contractors services ( INAER, etc)

    List of Units

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    Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
        Ertzaintza - Basque Country police ? --
        Mozos de Escuadra - Catalonia police ? --

    List of Aircraft

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    SA365C2 Dauphin 2 5032 1979EC-EGV : Policia de Ertzaintza
    AS355N Ecureuil 2 5554 1993EC-FUH : mossos d' esquadra by Oct17, op by Habock
    EC135T1 0016 1996EC-GMZ : Policia de Ertzaintza from May97, test serial D-HECG
    : 08oct17 pictured asg Ertzaintza
    EC135T1 0017 1996EC-GNA : Policia de Ertzaintza from May97, test serial D-HECH
    : pictured on refuel stop at San Sebastian
    AS355F2 Ecureuil 2 5454 EC-GUZ : Mossos desquadra (police) noted 2007, op by TAF
    EC135P2 0436 EC-JVS : Op by Eliance group (ex TAF) for MOSSOS D’ESQUADRA (local auton ...
    AW109E Power 11709 EC-KJU : Valencia police, op by INAER
    EC135T1 0082 1999EC-KUD : Valencia police, op by INAER
    H135 / EC135T3 2075 2018EC-NSI : based in Sabadell, Barcelona, op by Eliance for Mossos d’Esquad ...

    9 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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