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    Established 1928, PWC (or P&WC) is an engine manufacturer. Is a division of the larger US-based P&W although does its own research, development and marketing as well as the manufacturing of its engines. Some of the Helicopter Turboprops/Turboshafts produced by PWC includes the PT6, PT6T, PW100 and PW200 series. ATEC is a joint venture with Honeywell


    PW&C Maintenance for 21 Saudi THC AW139s, 08-Mar-23 : Heli-Expo 2023 Saudi THC signs a long-term Pratt & Whitney Canada Fleet Management Program (FMP) for maintenance of 42 PT6C engines that powers its 21 AW139 helicopters

    Remote Maintenance Kit por PW&C Engines, 07-Mar-23 : Heli-Expo 2023 New remote maintenance kit for Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C-67C, PW207C, PW206C, PW206B2/B3, PW207D1/D2 helicopter turboshaft engines enables swift maintenance to drive improved aircraft availability

    Pratt & Whitney Partner in Bell High-Speed VTOL, 07-Mar-23 : Heli-Expo 2023 Bell and Pratt & Whitney to collaborate on High-Speed VTOL Propulsion Technology

    PW&C Celebrates 60 Years of PT6 Engine, 28-Feb-23 : #PT6 Pratt & Whitney Canada celebrates 60 years of the PT6 engine. Powering over 155 types of aircraft, the more than 64,000 engines produced reached 500 million flying hours

    New Maintenance Facility for PW206 in China, 09-Nov-22 : #PW206 Chinese CITIC Offshore Helicopter Co (COHC) designated Pratt & Whitney Canada Maintenance Facility for the PW206B2 ( EC135P2 ) and PW206B3 ( EC135P3/H135) and PW206C (AW109 ) engines

    200,000 Engine Flight Hours for Polish Air Ambulance EC135/H135, 08-Nov-22 : European Rotors 2022 Polish medical air rescue service ( Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe, LPR ) achieves 200,000 engine flight hours with its fleet of 27 EC135P2+ and P3/H135 Airbus helicopters powered by PW206 B2 and B3 engines

    18-Jul-22 - H175M Task Force for RAF NMH RIAT 2022
    22-Nov-21 - Sustainable Aviation Fuel for ADAC European Rotors 2021
    18-Nov-21 - PWC PT6C-67C Maintenance for Heli-Union AW139 #engines
    10-Jun-21 - P&W Endorsed Sustainable Skies Act #biofuel
    12-Feb-20 - PWC Customer Support Plan for Bells #CustomerSupport
    19-Dec-19 - PT6A and PW200 Service Centre in Brazil #PrattWhitney
    22-Nov-19 - P&WC PW207V Engine for Russian VRT500 Dubai Airshow 2019
    19-Nov-19 - HSC Named Maintenance Facility for PW207K Engine Dubai Airshow 2019
    18-Aug-19 - PT6A and PW200 Engines Support in Brazil LABACE 2019
    22-Jul-19 - Pratt & Whitney Launched “Know My PT6” #PT6
    18-Jun-19 - Pratt & Whitney Hosts All-Electric GoFly Competition Team Paris Air Show 2019
    17-Apr-19 - P&W Maintenance Facility for AW139 in China #PT6
    06-Mar-19 - PW206B3 Engine for Navy H135 Proposal Heli-Expo 2019
    14-Aug-18 - Helipark is New P&W Maintenance Facility in Brazil #maintenance
    26-Mar-18 - AAR to Continue Support Pratt & Whitney APU
    28-Feb-18 - P&WC to Support AMGH Engines Heli-Expo 2018
    28-Feb-18 - Pratt & Whitney Canada to Support Era Engines Heli-Expo 2018
    27-Feb-18 - NHV Signs H175 Engine Maintenance with PWC Heli-Expo 2018
    27-Feb-18 - P&WC to Support Weststar AW139 Engines Heli-Expo 2018
    26-Feb-18 - SAS’ AW169 PW210A Engines Maintenance Heli-Expo 2018
    26-Feb-18 - PT6C-67D Engine for TEMSCO’s UH-1H Conversion Heli-Expo 2018
    13-Nov-17 - P&WC to Support Abu Dhabi Aviation AW139 Engines Dubai Airshow 2017
    03-Oct-17 - P&WC Fleet Management Agreement With HTM Helitech 2017
    03-Oct-17 - Canada Certification for AW609 Engine PT6C-67A Helitech 2017
    26-Apr-17 - Pratt & Whitney Canada in the Middle East
    14-Jul-16 - P&W Canada on EC135 / H135 20th Anniversary FIA 2016
    07-Jul-14 - Canadian Certification for the PW206B3 Engine PW206B3
    23-Aug-02 - PT6C-67D Receives Canada and FAA Type Certificate

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      Sikorsky S-55 H-191952??