france INAER France

Created in 1986 as Tecnavia. It was then Proteus Helicopters and since 2009 was INAER France.
Since 2016 known as Babcock France


EMS Bell 429 for INAER France, 14-Jul-14 : Farnborough, England – Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. company, announced today a signed purchase agreement with INAER France an Avincis Group operator for a Bell 429 in Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) configuration.

INAER France wins EMS in Burgundy, 28-Nov-13 : INAER France (INAER), part of the Avincis Group, a leading global provider of mission critical aerial services, has won the tender for the operation of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) helicopters in Burgundy, France.

Model Types

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  Bell 4292014
  EC EC135

List of Aircraft

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AW109E Power 11603 F-GLEE : SAMU
A109E Power 11027 F-GLEF : Proteus 1999, test serial I-RAIB; 2001 lsd Freeair HEMS
: Proteus; May09 as /SAMU36 at Nancy-Essey
A109E Power 11030 F-GLEG : SAMU 26-07 HEMS
A109E Power 11037 1999F-GLEH : Proteus Helicopters from Mar99; Hopital de Dreux /SAMU28 /SAMU89
: 03jul15 Centre Hospitalier Bretagne Atlantique (Vannes), Dz chbs ...
AW109E Power 11505 2002F-GLEI : SAMU, test serial I-LAON
A109E Power 11052 F-GLEQ : Proteus 2006; 2011 SAMU 06 at Nice
EC135T1 0041 F-GLOR : Proteus Helicopters Apr98-Feb06
AW109E Power 11133 F-GPPG : Proteus Helicopters from Jun08; Ambulance
A109E Power 11085 2000F-GPPX : Proteus 2009 HEMS
A109E Power 11076 2000F-GPVJ : Proteus 2008
EC120B 1311 2002F-GYMY : ex Heli Technique; Proteus 2006; to D-HPEZ
429 57154 2013F-HBEK : Iris Helicopter Leasing Ltd at Dublin, Ireland from Nov15; INAER ...
429 57207 2014F-HBEL : INAER France from Jun15
EC135T2+ 1011 2011F-HBOI : Iris Helicopter Leasing 2 Ltd, Ireland from Mar16 INAER France fr ...
EC135P2+ 0691 2009F-HCHL : Babcock Mission Critical Services France from Feb15
AW109E Power 11619 F-HCHM : INAER France Sep11-Feb14
EC135T2+ 0836 2010F-HCHT : INAER France from Apr11; Babcock Mission Critical Services France ...
EC135P2 0418 2005F-HENG : INAER France from Aug15
EC135T2 0272 2003F-HINR : INAER France from Apr11, for SAMU
EC135P2 0419 2005F-HOCN : INAER France from Jul15
EC135P2 0441 2005F-HOMG : INAER France from Nov15
EC135P2 0438 2005F-HORG : INAER France from Nov15
EC135P1 0165 2000F-HORL : Iris Helicopter Leasing; INAER France from Oct14
: 29jun15 at Aéroport De Guipavas
EC135P2 0415 2005F-HSEI : INAER France from Jun15
EC135T2+ 1010 2011F-HTIN : Iris Helicopter Leasing, Ireland from Mar16; Babcock Mission Crit ...
EC135T2+ 0630 2008F-HTPI : Babcock Mission Critical Services France from 29dec15
EC135P1 0125 F-HTRS : Iris Helicopter Leasing; INAER France from Oct14
EC135P2+ 0583 F-HZAP : Babcock MSC France from Sep15
412HP 36041 OE-XYY : INAER France, noted nov13

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