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RLC - Rotorcraft Leasing Company

Founded in 1990, Rotorcraft Leasing Company based in Broussard, Louisiana is the largest privately-held helicopter operator in the Gulf of Mexico


Waypoint Leasing Agreement with RLC in Gulf of Mexico, 09-Feb-15 : Waypoint closed on a multi-aircraft agreement with RLC including the purchase and leaseback of 10 Bell 407 and 206L4 supporting near-shore shelf production of natural gas in the Gulf of Mexico

List of Aircraft

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206A 121 N108RL : Rotorcraft Leasing Co. LLC, unk ; conv Bell 206B-2, unk; canc 01S ...
206L-4 Long Ranger 52067 1993N174RL : Rotorcraft Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA from Aug16; w/o 13jan1 ...
206L-4 Long Ranger 52117 1995N178RL : RLC from Nov08
206L-1 Long Ranger 45703 1981N2150M : RLC
206B-3 Jet Ranger 2659 N21RT : RLC from Oct94, test serial C-GFSE
206B-3 Jet Ranger 3624 N22743 : Rotorcraft Leasing Co at Broussard, LA from Jun07
206L-3 Long Ranger 51375 1990N2619 : Rotorcraft Leasing Co at Broussard, LA from Nov08
206B-3 Jet Ranger 3765 1983N289RL : RLC from Nov08
412 33005 1981N293CA : Rotorcraft Leasing Co Jul04-Nov12
206L-4 Long Ranger 52322 2006N322RL : Rotorcraft Leasing from Feb06
206L-3 Long Ranger 51471 1991N362AL : Rotorcraft Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA from Nov08
206L-3 Long Ranger 51376 1990N365AL : RLC Nov08-Mar13
407 53373 1999N373RL : Rotorcraft Leasing Co at Broussard, LA from Jul08; w/o 11nov14 d ...
407 53914 2008N3914R : RLC from Feb09
407 53269 1998N407AK : RLC; w/o 15dec07 98m off the coast of Texas, Gulf of Mexico
407 53045 1996
N407SH : Rotorcraft Leasing Company Inc at Broussard ,LA Oct08-Jul11
407 53245 1998N408RL : RLC from May12
412 33103 1983N4125C : Rotorcraft Leasing Co at Broussard, LA Mar04-Nov12
206L-1 Long Ranger 45416 N516EH : Rotorcraft Leasing Inc at Broussard, LA from Apr03; Jun11 exp
407 53231 1997N517R : RLC
N522RL : RLC from Jul14
206L-1 Long Ranger 45438 1980N57441 : RLC
S-76A 76-0131 1980N760RL : Rotorcraft Leasing from Jul11
206B-2 Jet Ranger 918 1972N981RL : Rotorcraft Leasing at Broussard, LA 2007; Rotorcraft Assets at B ...

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