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TsAGI Tests Ansat Improved Main Rotor, 24-Sep-18 : #TsAGI Russian Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) completed studies of a new main rotor for the Kazan Ansat helicopter which will increase the load capacity by 150 to 200 kilograms (330 to 440 pounds)

Automobile Leasing Scheme to Renew Russian Helicopter Fleet, 21-Sep-18 : #leasing Russian Helicopters parent’ company Rostec suggested replace civilian helicopters in Russia older than 25 years, mostly Mi-8, with a leasing scheme

Ka-62 at the 2018 Eastern Economic Forum, 09-Sep-18 : #Ka62 Russian Ka-62 performed first flight to Vladivostok, Russia. Will be on display at the campus of Far East Federal University for the 2018 Eastern Economic Forum, Sept. 11-13

First Flight of Modernized Mi-26T2V, 26-Aug-18 : #Mi26 Rostvertol completed first flight of the modernized Mi-26T2V helicopter capable to carry up to 20 tonnes of cargo

New Version Mi-28NE Night Hunter at Army-2018, 23-Aug-18 : #Army2018 Russian Helicopters presenting new version of its Mi-28 attack helicopter at Army 2018 in Moscow. The Mi-28NE that can interact with drones and operate them remotely.

Mi-17V-5 and Police Ansat at Army-2018, 23-Aug-18 : #Army2018 Kazan Helicopters, part of Russian Helicopters, featuring Ansat Police and Mi-17V-5 during Army-2018 expo in Kubinka, Moscow August 21-26

Modernized Mi-35 at Army-2018, 22-Aug-18 : #Army2018 Modernized Mi-35M and Mi-35P attack helicopters featured for first time during Army-2018 expo in Kubinka, Moscow August 21-26

Mi-171A2 Prototype Suffered Hard Landing, 10-Aug-18 : #accident The Mi-171A2 suffered a crash accident while performing a test flight

Russia to Unveil Upgraded Mi-26T2V at Army-2018, 07-Aug-18 : #aircraft Rostvertol’ Mil Mi-26T2V expected to make its first flight very soon. The new variant is fitted with the NPK90-2V avionics suite which greatly simplifies piloting and the Vitebsk defensive aids system

GTLK Received Fifth Ansat Ambulance, 31-Jul-18 : #health The State Transport Leasing Company (GTLK) which is the largest leasing company in Russia received the fifth of seven ANSAT in medical configuration from Russian Helicopters

Mi-171A2 to Start High Terrain and Weather Trials, 25-Jul-18 : #aircraft Russian Mi-171A2 will start a series of test flights in the Astrakhan region at heights of up to 8200 feet / 2500 meters and then in temperatures up to 122 F / 50 C. Already tested at -58 F / -50 C

Russia Repaired Four Mi-17 for Laos, 12-Jul-18 : #repair Russian Helicopters completed first service contract for Laos and transferred four Mi-17 during a ceremony at Vientiane airport

VRT500 Started Aerodynamic Tests, 04-Jul-18 : #aircraft VR-Technologies, part of Russian Helicopters, started aerodynamic tests of the new light utility helicopter VRT500 at the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute

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