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    Rwanda Defence Force

    The Force AĆ©rienne Rwandaise was established 1962 with Belgian help. Since 2012 has Mi-17 deployed under United Nations flag in South Sudan with UNMISS / UNISFA

    Model Types

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    List of Aircraft

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    SA365C1 Dauphin 2 5048 10K07 : Rwanda Defence Force; conv SA365C2
    : cabin section at Grand Central; Jun10 still there
    Mi-17-1V 646M04 9XR-QO : Rwanda VIP
    Mi-17-1V 646M10 RAF-0105 : Rwandan air force
    Mi-17-1V 646M09 RAF-1209 : Rwandan air force
    Mi-17-1V 646M07 RAF-1510 : Rwandan air force
    Mi-17-1V 646M05 RAF-1705 : Rwandan air force
    Mi-17-1V 646M06 RAF-1905 : Rwandan air force
    Mi-17V-5 646M16 RAF-2712 : Rwandan air force

    8 Construction Numbers in this organisation found